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Day #5 Insanity Challenge and Chin Hair Update

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So, I know that I barely updated you with stories of my Insanity Challenge this week, but believe it or not…I made it to DAY 5! Today will make 5 sweaty days since I started the challenge last Tuesday. Had I not been stuffing my face with 5,000 calories per night of latkes, blintzes, prime rib, mashed potatoes, pie, cookies, more prime rib, twice baked potatoes, green bean casserole, chili cheese casserole, and caramel popcorn from one of those big tubs, I may have lost some weight. That being said, I don’t think I gained any weight, and my shoulder muscles feel a bit more jacked.

One of the highlights of the Insanity Workout is that Hubs and I get to throw expletives at the screen against one of the women (Tanya) who is part of the Insanity workout crew. Every exercise she does is met with an overly dramatic “fierce” look that screams attention whore. I have come to realize after Googling “I hate Tanya from Insanity”, there are other people who share my hatred. I’ve even joined the Facebook page. It’s hard to explain her behavior in the videos without seeing it, but given my crafty ability to use Google to my advantage, I’ve found out she has her own exercise DVD out there. Please tell me that this doesn’t make you want to bitch slap yourself after viewing it:

On a more positive note, my Chin Hair Count was down to 12 this week from 15 last week. My spearmint tea may be working yet…

Week 4: 12

Week 3: 15

Week 2: 17

Week 1: 15

Today Hubs and I head to our two day mini vaycay in Indian Wells (right outside of Palm Springs) We’re staying at the Miramonte Resort and Spa which we got off Priceline at an insanely reduced cost. Anything with “resort” and “spa” in the title works for me, but they aren’t kidding on those Priceline commercials. We totally pulled a Shatner and got a great price for the room.

I finish my Provera today, and then will probably start the Metformin after the New Year. I don’t want to deal with unknown side effects of the Met as I try to relax on my week off this week. Nope. This week will be spas, sleep, and general drunkenness on NYE.

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  1. Wow. Yeah, Tanya can go away. But she looks like fun to scream at. Enjoy your resort! That sounds amazing!


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