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Back from the gyno. He basically told me what I already know, which is that my estrogen is most likely really low…it’s put my body into a “menopausal” state. GREAT! Just what I want to hear as I’m TTC. He said if I wanted to start on Clomid now without any period first, I could, but I think Hubs and I are going to wait another 4-5 months before we try it. Part of me wants to jump in right now, but I also feel the need to attempt to get my hormone levels straightened out a bit more first. I asked him whether or not Clomid works on women like me who don’t respond to Provera, and he said that there’s no reason it shouldn’t…which is weird, because I’ve read the opposite. Anyone hear anything differently?

He took 2 vials of blood, and is testing for the usual: estradiol, testosterone, TSH, FSH, etc. I wish I had asked him to test a little deeper (DHEA and some vitamin levels, maybe?) but I always get overwhelmed with questions when I’m there and I forgot to ask.

He did another ultrasound, and yes…my ovaries are still the same cystic fiends they’ve always been. He says I have “moderate/severe” PCOS…and that my cysts will never go away completely on my ovaries. This makes me sad, because I really want to have clean and clear ovaries 😦 This brings up another question that I forgot to ask him: I’ve been reading a lot about women who have to “sit out” a cycle because they have over-stimulated and formed a lot of cysts on their ovaries…but if the cysts never go away…how does that work? In my case, for example, my ovaries are permanently dotted with 3-4mm cysts ALL THE TIME.

There wasn’t much lemonade to be made out of my ovarian “lemons”, except for the fact that my uterine lining was now at a whopping 4mm instead of the 3mm it was at a couple of weeks ago. All that waiting for 1mm…but at this point, I’ll take it.

So…here’s the plan: over the next 4-5 months, I’m eating foods that can potentially increase my estrogen levels and get my uterine lining pumped up.

I want my uterus to go from this:

to this:

I’m going to start going to acupuncture and I’ve upped my Met dose to 1,000mg/day. I have thus far felt absolutely no effects from this level of dosage on the Met. Is this normal??? I feel like my intestines should be exploding…or something? Anyone else have absolutely no adverse side effects from Met?



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I'm a happily married, 31 year old gal who is just starting her journey to conceive. I also have ovaries that may need a jump start. This blog is an attempt to channel my obsessive research on my Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome into something a pregnancy test. That would be awesome. I also hope that other women with this condition will find support in this blog. There are a lot of us out here! Happy reading, whatever your journey may be.

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  1. Well, yay for your lining thickening by a little bit! I don’t know all that much about Metformin, but used to work in a pharmacy in college and do know it’s a safe dose and very common for a diabetic to take that much, and maybe even more. I would take no exploding insides as a good thing 🙂

    Oh, and your muscle men are awesome! Great pics!

  2. This is going to be long, but here is what I’ve learned about PCOS and the cystic ovaries. First and foremost the information out there is conflicting, there’s usually 2 opposing opinions and generally there are a group of women who fits one side of the opinion and a group of women who fit the other side, all of them with PCOS. For example, whilst researching Clomid and speaking to several doctors I have found statistics that say women with PCOS respond better to Clomid than the general population because they already have tons of eggs just sitting there waiting to pop out and they just need a little push out the door. But I have also found statistics that say women with PCOS do not respond well to Clomid at all.

    There are both groups of women out there, myself I respond VERY well to Clomid but I know tons of people with PCOS who don’t respond to it AT ALL even at the highest dosage. PCOS is so poorly understood that I think there is actually 2 different types of PCOS (totally just my opinion!) they just haven’t done enough research on it to be able to determine what qualifies one to be in one group or the other.

    As for the overstimulated ovaries, ovaries that have PCOS and normal ovaries that have been overstimulated have different kinds of cysts. PCOS cysts are called the “string of pearls” and lay in a pretty little line around the ovary, regular ovaries with cysts are all over the place without the “string of pearls” look to them. They are easy to distinguish from each other via ultrasound. Since you haven’t even taken the dreaded first step of infertility treatments, Clomid, you have no reason to start worrying about hyper stimulated ovaries as it’s something that only happens with much more hardcore treatments.

    My ovaries are always cystic. Always. Pregnant scans. Non pregnant scans. Just after being pregnant scans. Post miscarriage scans. They are always cystic. Most of the time it prevents ovulation for me but every once in awhile (apparently!) one slips out.

    I have never been able to control my ability to ovulate with my diet and exercise, though I tried wholeheartedly for quite awhile. The ONLY thing that helped me was Clomid and…a pregnancy. If you’re still willing to put in some time before you try Clomid I highly recommend going back on BCP for 2 or 3 months, for your ovaries it’s the same as a pregnancy and gives them a break so they’re not constantly trying to pop out eggs and getting more and more clogged.

    Sorry this is so long! Hope it helps.

  3. Wow. These responses are so great. Jesica, thank you so much for these detailed thoughts. It truly helps to hear advice from someone who has been there! I have a lot to think about in the next couple of months. I have been tempted to go back on birth control just to hit the reset button a bit, but I will try to go another few months to see if the Metformin will help. In any case, this info is so valuable. Thank you!


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