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FSH= 8.2= me freaking out

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I just got lab results back from having my thyroid checked. They did a bunch of bloodwork….everything is normal with my T3 and T4 levels, as well as my TSH. Testosterone is fine. Blood glucose is great. The only thing messed up (again) is my FSH/LH ratio which is 8.2/13.

Honestly, this ratio didn’t bother me as much as the FSH 8.2. I was at “7.5” last month, and “5” last year…so the trend I’m noticing is that my FSH level is rapidly creeping up on the number 10…from what I understand, “10” is the threshold for egg quality control…

At 8.2, I’m not even in the “good” egg reserve category anymore. I’m headed towards “fair”. My thyroid doc told me that this was all “normal”, and he said that because I hadn’t gotten my period in so long it’s impossible to know at what time of the month I’m testing. FSH can fluctuate greatly over the month, but frankly, I am about 99% certain I’m NOT ovulating right now, which would make me in the follicular stage, which would mean that my FSH levels should be LOW. Why the hell I jumped from a “5” last year, to “8” this year scares me. Where will I be next year? Do eggs really loose quality that quickly?

Am I being completely irrational?I’m not sure I even understand FSH at all…I know that the higher the number, the harder your body is working to stimulate egg production. But after ovulation, the number can be in the 20s…where the hell I am in the cycle is beyond me. Everything is a mess with my body.

I feel really lost right now. I’m terrified that my body is on the decline, and that I won’t be making good eggs…I’m sure I’m being a bit paranoid, but I can’t help but think my window on conceiving is closing much quicker than I thought. Actually taking the steps to start Clomid has been making me very nervous. I’m jumping into the big kids pool now…I’m admitting that I “have a problem”. Now I keep thinking that not only may I have a problem ovulating, I may have a problem with ovarian reserve. I’m only 31…I feel like I should still have many many years left to try.

I feel very sad today…I just wish someone could promise me that everything will be okay and that one day, I will hold my baby in my arms.

I’m sure I’m being a bit irrational. I just feel like no doctor has been able to give me a straight answer on what the fuck is wrong with my body. If all of my bloodwork is “normal”, then why am I unable to ovulate???



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I'm a happily married, 31 year old gal who is just starting her journey to conceive. I also have ovaries that may need a jump start. This blog is an attempt to channel my obsessive research on my Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome into something a pregnancy test. That would be awesome. I also hope that other women with this condition will find support in this blog. There are a lot of us out here! Happy reading, whatever your journey may be.

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  1. Although I can’t really “promise” you that everything will be ok, I hope that deep down somewhere inside of you that you believe that, at least a little. There is always a next step, it will just take time to get there. I don’t think you’re being irrational. Maybe it’s time to find a new doc or start asking more aggressive questions so you get the answers you’re looking for and get the ball rolling on that next step, whatever it may be for you. Wishing you lots of luck!

  2. Do I know the feeling *sigh*. Sadly, PCOS puts us in the big kids pool all too quickly. I’ve already been through about 5 rounds of Clomid, 5 of Femara, and 3 rounds of injectibles so far. No luck here, but don’t let me be the mark by which you judge. The fact is that you can research till you are blue in the face, but it isn’t going to tell you everything about your body or your situation. Every woman is different, but start slow. I KNOW it seems overwhelming. You’d think with all I’ve been through I’d be an expert, but I’m still learning daily about this syndrome. There is a good book I recommend for you though. The name is Understanding and Reversing PCOS. You can find it on Amazon. It’s written by one of the best RE’s in the country, and will help you better understand what all is going on. No need to freak out or become disheartened. I’d suggest first discussing all of your concerns and issues with your OB/GYN, and then if you aren’t satisfied (and even if you are) find a good Endocrinologist. It doesn’t have to be a Reproductive Endocrinologist necessarily, but someone who understands all the results, and will explain them to you. The one thing PCOS has taught me is that you have to be your own advocate. Don’t feel dumb asking any and every question you can think of, and most importantly don’t give up hope. There is always light in the darkest of places. Nobody knows this better then the amazing women in this boat with us! 🙂

  3. So glad we have discovered each other!! I, too, have a thyroid problem (hashis) and some other autoimmune issues and I always feel like my body is failing me, and it’s just not fair. I get mad about that a lot. You sound like you do too, and that’s okay. You know what? Clomid is going to work. It just will. It’s going to happen. And yes, I am telling myself the same thing!

    • So good to hear from you! I know we’ll pull through. It’s odd–the exact same time as I was getting this message, my mother in law was sitting at the table with me saying, “Clomid is going to work.” WEIRD! Looking forward to following your journey 🙂


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