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2nd Annual Oscar Party Extravaganza Blowout Thing

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Grace Kelly and Clark Gable? Or Hubs and I on a typical night out? It’s hard to tell.

As many of you know, I live in Los Angeles–well, technically a suburb about 20 minutes outside of Los Angeles (45 minutes with traffic…and there’s always traffic…so…sigh.) Aside from by brief stint in Boston going to college, I have never not lived in the LA area–I was born and raised here! Which is very odd for someone living in LA. I meet more people here who are actually from Iowa, New York, or Ohio.

But I digress.

I wanted to tell everyone about a little thing called the Oscars that happens but once a year. It’s kind of a big deal no matter where you live. But in LA? In LA…the city goes ape shit.

I must admit…I’m not immune. I frickin love it.

Everyone from my great grandmothers on (on all sides of my family) were born and raised in LA and the Oscars have always something we watched as a family. One of my great grandmothers on my stepdad’s side was a moderately successful silent film actress named Mary Wynn (real name, Phoebe Rosenfeld) She was in Birth of a Nation as a very young child (which makes me cringe a bit), but was an amazing lady who I got to spend a lot of time with as a child and teenager.

Here’s her headshot and a photo of her on set–cool, right? Very “Hollywood!”

But I digress!!

In LA during Oscar weekend, streets are blocked off and bleachers are erected.Ā  Syria? What’s a Syria? The news plays non-stop Oscar predictions. “Best Picture” camps are formed–Are you rooting for The Artist? Midnight in Paris (that would be me, although I know it won’t win)? Or, are you in Camp “The Help” (which I will not hesitate to say is my least favorite movie on the list this year for many reasons, the most important reason being I believe it is a trite, borderline racist film which attempts to put a nice pink Hollywood bow around the horrifying struggle that blacks actually went through during the civil rights movement. Spoiler Alert! White girl gets a great journalism job at the end, and The Help?? You know…the ones who put their lives on the line to feed White Girl Journalist their stories?Ā  Well, they get the honor of knowing that their stories got the white girl out of her horribly stifled life in the South. ) Good performances, awful message (in my humble opinion, which many disagree with!)

But I digress!!

The most important thing about the Oscars this year is Hubs and my Second Annual Oscar Party Extravaganza Blowout Thing! Yeah, basically we have a bunch of friends over for an all day party in which lots of booze and food are consumed. We make themed dishes for each Best Picture Nominee. This year’s are:

The Tartist–fruit tarts

The Descendants Hawaiian Punch–a spiked tropical punch drink

Extremely Hot and Incredibly Delicious–some sort of spicy wings

Hugo Sugo–Sugo is a tomato sauce. We’re also making meatballs

Cheesyball–a ball of that great orange cheese with almonds.

The Brie with Knife–more cheese!

Midnight in Pears–poached pears with dark chocolate sauce

War Hors d’oeurves– Finger foods!

And, of course,

The Help Chocolate Pie (if you’ve seen the movie, you get it).

Anyone else have Oscar traditions they’d like to share? Anyone doing any Oscar related fun tomorrow?

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  1. I want to come to your Oscar party! And I feel the same about The Help. I feel like it just keeps oppressing. Ugh.

  2. Your party sounds so fun! LOVE the movie-inspired dishes! I would totally crash it if I wasn’t on the other coast. We are boring here and don’t have Oscar parties. šŸ˜¦

  3. Visiting for ICLW! Your excitement is infectious – I’ve long since given up on the Oscars, but reading your post rekindled some of the old thrill I used to feel, LOL. I bet it would be a very entertaining evening watching the awards at a party like yours. Do you all write down your predictions for the major categories and see who wins the most?

    ICLW #80

  4. I’m watching the Oscars, wishing I was at your party šŸ™‚ xo

  5. Holy cow your great grandmother is gorgeous! No oscar party for me tonight, but I am curled up in my PJs sipping tea and watching all the pretty people parade around in their beautiful outfits. Love the Oscars!

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