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Oompa Loompa, Hubs, His Boys, and Progesterone Cream

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Yesterday was a big day for fertility. After slowly digesting the news that a pickled Oompa Loompa ovary can ovulate, but mine can’t, I have decided to drink and piss myself more, and exercise less in hopes of becoming pregnant.

In other big news, I was greeted by a proud husband when I arrived home from work yesterday.

Me: Hey! How was your day?

Hubs: (proudly) Guess who made an appointment to get his boys checked on Friday morning.

Me: (legitimately excited) Really?? That’s awesome!

Hubs: Yep. So, no touchy touchy until the test.

Me: Word.

We did a little happy hug and then went to the supermarket and ate salad bar for dinner because I’m all “happy homemaker” n’ shit.

I sincerely hope that Hubs’ boys check out okay…I have been so concerned with what’s going on in my fertility arena that I haven’t looked into anything regarding sperm count, motility, or what a good “number” is. I suppose this falls under: cross that bridge when we come to it because there’s too much else to worry about right now. I am staying AWAY from Dr. Google. AWAY.

On other interesting and slightly TMI news, I believe my progesterone cream may be kicking in–I wiped after peeing today and noticed the faintest trace of brown spotting. Not like that really means anything at all…but at least it’s something. I’ve been on the cream twice a day for a week now, and will continue for one more week. Then, hopefully, I will have a “period” and then I will start temping to see if the increase in progesterone might help me ovulate in the next few weeks.

These are all baby steps…but at least they feel like steps.



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I'm a happily married, 31 year old gal who is just starting her journey to conceive. I also have ovaries that may need a jump start. This blog is an attempt to channel my obsessive research on my Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome into something a pregnancy test. That would be awesome. I also hope that other women with this condition will find support in this blog. There are a lot of us out here! Happy reading, whatever your journey may be.

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  1. Can I just say… LOL! I LOVE love love reading your posts. I feel like I’m reading pages out of my diary. Seriously! I hope the boys test out all good. Keep us posted!


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