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Goodbye, Dairy…

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Whaddya mean I can’t eat cheese?????










I had my first post-Groupon appointment with Intuitive Health Lady today. It went great. She is an extremely caring person, and is also no nonsense when it comes to health, so I feel like I’m in good hands. Hubs and I are leaving for a trip to NYC and Boston in about a week, and she told me that we should not start my nutrition plan until I return. She wants to make sure I stick to the plan when I do it, and being around the sights and smells of NYC is not a way that I want to kick off a restrictive diet plan.

In the meantime, she is encouraging me to give up dairy prior to going full on into the diet. She said that dairy is one of the most cyst-causing elements we could put in our bodies…and unfortunately, I abso- freakin-lutely LOVE dairy. Cheese. Milk. Yogurt. Cream. Pudding. More cheese. Did I mention cheese? Ice cold glasses of chocolate milk….I eat dairy more than any other food group, hands down.

I’m starting life sans dairy tomorrow. It makes me sad to give it up, but I have to remember that this is not necessarily permanent. It’s an “experiment” I’m conducting for a couple of months. I have to try and find ways to make the thought of losing my precious cheese easier. Warning: I may be bitching a lot on the blog about pizza cravings.

In the meantime, I have bought a big tub of tapioca pudding for desert tonight. I will probably have cookies and milk as well. I feel like I’m a junkie about to enter some sort of rehab program…I just need to get one last fix, man.




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I'm a happily married, 31 year old gal who is just starting her journey to conceive. I also have ovaries that may need a jump start. This blog is an attempt to channel my obsessive research on my Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome into something a pregnancy test. That would be awesome. I also hope that other women with this condition will find support in this blog. There are a lot of us out here! Happy reading, whatever your journey may be.

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  1. Oh no! How could she ask you to give up dairy before your trip to New York, home of the best pizza in the world????????? 😦 😦 😦 😦 hahaha

    • Argh. I KNOW! I may cheat one of the days I’m there and have a slice. And I see from your latest blog post that you live in the City! We’ll be on the lower east side. Hubs is a New Yorker through and through (although he was born in Boston), and he loves it there. We usually head out to NYC a couple of times a year so Hubs can feel vibrant and alive 🙂

  2. I know it sound crazy, but I have actually learned to like cheese-free pizza. As long as the sauce and crust are quality, pizza without cheese is quite okay. I certainly prefer that over soy/almond/whatever cheese-like product. My husband, who can eat dairy but eats much less these days, even eats his pizza without cheese alongside mine. 🙂

    • Very interesting! I will have to give that a try. It’s good to know that there are other ways to enjoy pizza 🙂 I still may miss melty cheese just a bit 🙂

  3. I know it’s not me that can’t eat dairy, but your post scared me so much that I’m now having a giant milkshake for dinner 🙂

    I admire your self discipline, and I am so interested to learn what comes next for you. I have a lot of respect for TCM, but I’ve never been brave enough to try it.

    Have fun on your trip!

  4. You’re right, just keep reminding yourself this isn’t forever. Good luck!

  5. No dairy? Boooo! The results will be worth it though. If you can keep the end goal in mind that might help. Good luck.

  6. I friggen love dairy too. I’m sorry. I hope it works for you!

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