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Soup Dumplings

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Yesterday, we met Hub’s long time friends J and S, and their two children, Adorable Boy and Adorable Girl, in Chinatown for soup dumplings at Joe’s Shanghai.

Soup dumplings fall into the category of “insane yum”: stretchy dumpling dough that encases a rich, hidden broth that pops in your mouth and releases flavors that have you believing in Santa Claus all over again. Much like the invention of the spork or the Pillow Pet, the soup dumpling is a merging of two worlds to form perfection.

The lunch was so fun. Adorable Boy and Girl were just that: FREAKING ADORABLE. And incredibly smart. I love smart kids.  If there were any two children that would inspire my ovary to spontaneously ovulate, it would be them. Adorable Boy is five, full of crazy fun boy energy, and couldn’t get enough of the fact that I jokingly called the soup dumplings “poop dumplings”. Adorable Girl is three, and has the biggest, most inquisitive brown eyes you’ve ever seen.  She was shy at first, but then warmed up to me and took  my hand as we walked through Chinatown. At one point in the afternoon, Hubs gave me a hug and a kiss, and she looked at both of us, smiled, and said, simply, “You have love.”

If that doesn’t melt your heart, folks, I don’t know what will.

More updates to come!

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  1. So glad you had a nice trip! That is so sweet! Makes me tear up! 🙂

  2. You have love. Sweetest words ever uttered! And those dumplings make little dribbles of drool puddle on my desk. Yum.

  3. You have love. I have love too, and for that I am so very grateful every single day. ‘Out of the mouths of babes’ and all that. Oh, and I agree with Katie, I need to mop up my desk now. Mmmmmmmm, dumplings.

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