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The Fertility 15 and Friendship

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As you know, I’m traveling in Boston right now, so many apologies that my blog hasn’t been as diligently updated this week. Along with reveling in the absolutely gorgeous weather we’ve been having here this week (hello global warming, pleasure to meet you), I’ve also been helping my MIL prep for my SIL’s wedding shower which is today.

I’ve also been busy eating here. A lot. And by a lot, I mean: Dunkin Donuts French Vanilla with Cream and Sugar every morning, honey soy marinated chicken, jasmine rice, and chicken sausage, calamari, Spanish sole with shellfish in a cream sauce, grilled cheese on rye, white wine, red wine, bloody Mary’s, a huge plate of amazing Brazilian Food with fried plantains, yummy spicy green curry and egg rolls, muffins, peanut butter Oreo ice cream from J.P.Licks, and five slices of pizza. And that’s just Boston. I can’t even begin to explain the food damage I did in New York.

In the last few weeks, I have gained what I like to call the Fertility 15.  I wish it was an exaggeration, but I’m afraid it’s not. I know it won’t make the diet any easier when I get back…but I needed to go out in a carb induced bang before entering the land of vegetables and almond butter with Intuitive Health Lady.

The truth is, I needed this food. Food has been connecting me with friends and family this trip, and frankly, it has been good for my heart and soul. I am just kicking back, and enjoying it. I am refusing to worry about my flabby arms and tummy pooch.

For many reasons, my favorite food splurge this week was my J.P. Licks Peanut Butter Oreo ice cream.  I mean, SHIT. What genius combined those flavors? Not only did it taste out of this world, I ate it while spending time with a dear friend who I hadn’t seen in about 4 years.  This friend is warm, caring, absolutely smart as a whip, and gives the best hugs in the world. No joke. She should start a hug business. She is also one of the only women in the world I can talk to about what I’m going through, and know that she can truly relate to how I feel. More on that in a bit.

We have known each other since high school, long before any of the fertility nonsense started and we were just two kids sharing the ups and downs of being sixteen.  Emotions always  run high during those years, but she and I never had any drama. We blended well: Her sharp wit and dry sarcasm with a dash of Ani DiFranco combined nicely with my flittery kookiness and Eddie Vedder obsession.  I remember one time she told me that mac and cheese should be eaten with a spoon, not a fork. It’s one of those concepts I thought was so awesome, it has stuck with me 15 years later.

We both grew up in Los Angeles, and then coincidentally both decided to move across the country to go to the same college in Boston. During my last year there, we were roommates. I was dating a guy pretty seriously at the time and was not home that often, but when I was, (usually because he and I were fighting and I was depressed), she would be there to cheer me up. She made this amazing chicken dish once, and as she was cooking it, she placed the spoon on one of those spoon rests so she didn’t get the counter dirty. I thought that was an amazing concept. Why I have such vivid spoon memories of this friend, I do not know.

Anyhow–about 8 or 9 months ago, I heard through a mutual friend that she too was struggling with PCOS, and was dealing with all of the awful effects of TTC while dealing with the disease. We hadn’t spoken to each other in years, but I sent her a brain dump sort of email where I spilled all of my fears about TTC  with PCOS. After I sent it, I started getting nervous that I wouldn’t hear from her, or that I came off too crazy and desperate. But she emailed back. That email was a port in the storm.  She and I chatted over the phone about our struggles a bit. She even let me know she was keeping a blog about it, which in retrospect was amazingly generous of her,  knowing how hard it is to open up the blog to friends IRL. I followed along her journey, and her writing was incredibly inspiring. So inspiring that I started this blog.

I call her something else IRL, but here in Blogland, her name is Her Royal Fabulousness.

She is, in fact, fabulous. And she still lives in Boston!

We sat out in the Boston sun a couple of days ago, ate our J.P. Licks, and talked a lot about our struggles with fertility (that’s her on the left!). It is beyond amazing to have her here for me on our journey. I am so thankful to you, HRF!

We are still struggling, but we will beat this thing. Just you wait.


About Sunny

I'm a happily married, 31 year old gal who is just starting her journey to conceive. I also have ovaries that may need a jump start. This blog is an attempt to channel my obsessive research on my Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome into something a pregnancy test. That would be awesome. I also hope that other women with this condition will find support in this blog. There are a lot of us out here! Happy reading, whatever your journey may be.

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  1. How cool that you two know each other IRL! OK now I’m gonna have to check out her blog too! I’ve seen her comment on others’ blogs before but never read it before.

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip!

  2. OMG I’m crying. Full on tears over here! Love you girl. xoxox

  3. BTW – it’s true. Mac and Cheese (specifically Kraft) should be eaten with a spoon, never a fork. Do you remember my first email address was spoongrl@hotmail?

    • Lol–of course I do! I didn’t want to post it on the site in case you still had it, but I LOVE that you mentioned your old email address!

  4. Love your post! I have one of those friends who should own a hug business, too, and let me tell you, when I needed a hug last week, I went to her house and got me one! It made it all better (that and the box of dunkin donuts we shared!). I’m glad you are having a fun and relaxing trip! I wish I could have some of that ice cream! It sounds delish. Travel safely!

  5. Cool! A real life bloggy friend! I’d love to meet all of you guys!

  6. Agh, how did I not know that you and HRF were friends? I “know” HRF from an online TTC forum. She is wonderful and it’s so cool to know that you know each other!

    So glad you are having a nice trip.

  7. So funny that you two know each other IRL, small world!

  8. I love this post, and am so glad you and HRF had a fabulous day out in Boston. (The weather here last week was perfect for an ice cream outing!)

    • You’re in Boston too!! We’ll have to have a gathering one of the next times I’m out here. It was so gorgeous this week (today’s a little chilly, though).

  9. First of all, peanut butter oreo ice cream sounds like the most fabulous thing ever.
    Secondly, as a former Masshole, your post makes me miss Boston terribly. 😦

    I’m glad your trip has been so much fun, seems like a nice distraction from all the PCOS craziness! Best of luck to you, I look forward to following your journey.

    ICLW #86

  10. Hi from ICLW. Wow. Love your writing style. And am so jealous of the food you eat. I eat gourds.

    • Thanks you Kate!! I will be on my way to eating gourds tomorrow. Literally. I’m going on some elimination diet from hell. I will keep ya posted!

  11. I love the phrasing of the Fertility 15! And OMG, my DH would fall over if we encountered PB Oreo ice cream, he would be so happy!!! I love Breyers’ new flavor of Mint Cookies n Cream.

  12. The fertility 15 is so real!!!

  13. Hi, I’m here for ICLW and I love the name of your blog and your sense of humor! I also love HRF who I know from twitter. Glad you’ve joined the blogging world and good luck w/ your journey!

  14. haha, I love that I follow you both! I love HRF! I wish I were in Boston too so I could hang with you gals!

  15. I have really been meaning to send an email about my IF struggle to someone I know that is in the thick of it. We don’t talk much anymore because my husband and I moved away. You are inspiration for me to share my blog with her!

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