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Soup Dumplings

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Yesterday, we met Hub’s long time friends J and S, and their two children, Adorable Boy and Adorable Girl, in Chinatown for soup dumplings at Joe’s Shanghai.

Soup dumplings fall into the category of “insane yum”: stretchy dumpling dough that encases a rich, hidden broth that pops in your mouth and releases flavors that have you believing in Santa Claus all over again. Much like the invention of the spork or the Pillow Pet, the soup dumpling is a merging of two worlds to form perfection.

The lunch was so fun. Adorable Boy and Girl were just that: FREAKING ADORABLE. And incredibly smart. I love smart kids.  If there were any two children that would inspire my ovary to spontaneously ovulate, it would be them. Adorable Boy is five, full of crazy fun boy energy, and couldn’t get enough of the fact that I jokingly called the soup dumplings “poop dumplings”. Adorable Girl is three, and has the biggest, most inquisitive brown eyes you’ve ever seen.  She was shy at first, but then warmed up to me and took  my hand as we walked through Chinatown. At one point in the afternoon, Hubs gave me a hug and a kiss, and she looked at both of us, smiled, and said, simply, “You have love.”

If that doesn’t melt your heart, folks, I don’t know what will.

More updates to come!

Headed to the Big Apple

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I went in and saw Intuitive Health Lady again yesterday for acupuncture. I don’t know why, but this time, the specific areas she stuck on my legs, feet and toe area felt really tingly–particularly the area between my first and second toe which she says is a Liver Qi point. After doing my front side for about 45 minutes, she came back in and took out the needles. I thought I was done, but she told me to flip around, and lie face down on the table. She did my back area for another 45 mins! Love this lady.

Today I am leaving on the red eye after work to join Hubs in NYC for 5 days. NYC is his City of Dreams–he is most vibrant when he’s there. He lived there for 10 years before moving out to LA in 2002 so he saavily knows his way around (unlike me who just looks up at all of the tall buildings, stares, and munches on a pretzel). We’re going to see “Once” the musical on Broadway (ohmylordholyshit LOVED the movie!!), go to the Museum of Natural History, go to a photography exhibit called Weegee: Murder is my Business, and maybe catch a Klezmer Brunch on Sunday. Then we head to Boston for another 5 days to visit his family and attend his sister’s bridal shower (thank god it’s not another baby or braby shower).

IHL told me that I needed to stick to the non dairy diet while I was in NYC. To which I obediently shook my head “yes”, and thought in my head: “There is no way in hell I am not having pizza while I’m in New York.” I’ll do my best, but honestly, I’m not going to stress about it if I don’t keep a strict diet while I’m there.

I will probably not be updating as much in the next week or so, but will do my best!

I will bid adieu with my favorite song from Once. Gaaaaa. I am reduced to a puddle of mush when I hear this song.



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Warning: today’s entry will be somewhat blah. Nothing much new here. Still taking the vitamins, still drinking gross green drink, and I’m doing acupuncture again today.

Frankly, this whole anovulation thing is starting to bore me.

I know the healing crap is supposed to take a while. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Whatevs. I want to pop a damn egg out of my damn ovary. At this point, I seriously don’t give a rat’s ass if it fertilizes. Just want the sucker to develop, ripen and release from my crusty old man ovaries. That is all.

Oh. I should also mention that after years of loving Oprah Winfrey, I am finally over her. She has reached a point of wealth and fame where I don’t believe she is humanly capable of identifying with the “normal” masses that once loved her. Her network is a mess–the shows are boring and unrelatable. I caught her interview with Paula Deen where she went over to Deen’s multi bajillion dollar Georgia mansion for a “slumber party” with Gail, gushed over Deen’s diabetic coma inducing buffet of lard, butter, and cheese, and then jumped on some sort of trampoline with her.  The whole thing just made me sick. Screw you, Oprah.



Putting Sperm to bed. For now.

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Hubs and I made a pact last night. We agreed that we would not worry too much about two tailed mutant sperm right now. Hub’s count at 43 million is not bad–not ridiculously amazing, but definitely not bad. 74% of his swimmers are swimming pretty damn well, which is awesome. And although only 7% of them are absolutely perfect, I have been reading that this doesn’t necessarily mean the slightly imperfect ones can’t fertilize an egg, or that an egg fertilized with non-perfect sperm carries any genetic abnormalities. Plus, there are ways for Hubs to improve this percentage with supplements.

I’m making an executive decision: I simply can’t take on another worry. It’s feeling like almost too much to be trying to deal with the diet, the gross green drink, and the whole not ovulating that I may seriously go ape shit on someone if we have to deal with male factor infertility as well. For now, I will attempt to stay positive, and also have a conversation with my gyno in the next couple of weeks to reconfirm what he told Hubs. Hubs said Gyno genuinely did not seem concerned with the 7% number, and said that if need be, we could do an IUI to improve our chances, but that he sees couples get pregnant all of the time with these numbers. I guess if I was ovulating normally, I wouldn’t be so stressed. I just feel that every time I do ovulate is this precious moment that may not come again for months. It adds a lot of anxiety to things, and I would like to work on managing my anxiety better.

Lastly, there is a blog I read pretty consistently written by a gynecologist who practices in NYC at one of the premier fertility clinics there. There is a TON of info on his site as he has been blogging for 5 years or so, but I came across an interesting article he wrote on sperm morphology which has put my mind at ease.

Sperm Morphology Mythology: basically addresses the issue of “low” percentage and says that many men fall into a 2-6% category due to very strict guidelines for sperm perfection.

If anyone has questions about any IVF procedures, HSG, or fertility drugs and treatments, I have found Dr. Licciardi’s Blog to be extremely helpful, simply because he has dealt with so many cases over the last 20 years in practice, and explains things in a very straightforward way. In fact, the entry he just wrote this month answers SO MANY questions about fertility procedures, I would highly recommend a visit to the blog!


Sperm Analysis results in. Help!

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Hubs got his sperm count results back, and as I mentioned a little while back, I have been so wrapped up in my own fertility stuff, I never really looked into what “good” numbers were. Hubs called and spoke to my gyno about the results, but to be honest, my gyno is a bit lax in general when it comes to disseminating test result news (I think he gets paranoid about alarming people), and Hubs didn’t really know what questions to ask…so…

Total Count: 43 million

Motility: 74% (which gyno said was really good)

Morphology: 7% (which gyno said was low-ish, but didn’t seem too concerned about)

Now of course,  I’ve Dr. Googled “normal sperm morphology” and have been getting such a mixed bag of info, I don’t know what to believe. Some people are saying they had no problems getting pregnant with 7%, and others say that their docs are recommending IVF with ICSI and that this number is terrible???

Does anyone have anything to add to this equation? Is there anything Hubs can take or avoid taking that will help the morphology a bit? Is this even a concern?

I’m confused. I think I’ll go have an ice cream and decompress. OH WAIT. Damnit.


Monday Monday

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Back to the grind, back to the grind. I’m not quite ready to join the world this Monday morning.

Lately, I’ve been carpooling to work with a very nice woman I work with who conveniently lives 5 houses up the street from me. The good thing about carpooling? Majorly saves on gas. Gas is $4.75 a gallon in LA now, folks.

Other good thing about carpooling? We get to ride in the carpool lane, which saves us a good 15 minutes off of a normally hour long trip into work (the trip is 20 minutes without traffic).

As you can see…the carpool lane isn’t much better on the 405 during rush hour.But I’ll take what I can get.

The bad news? Carpool Neighbor is chatty. Really chatty.

Imagine being barely awake with this about 1 foot away from you.

I’m forced to react like this:

When I really feel like this:





Aren’t retro mug shots fabulous??

Happy Monday everyone!

Braby Shower and Random Thoughts

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Today, I’m going to a Braby Shower. It’s a bridal shower meets baby shower….the bride is 6 months pregnant. One of those “oops” stories of lore that have all of us IFers punching ourselves repeatedly in the ovaries.

Speaking of that, I had a weird flash of a dream last night where I was in a room with a bunch of women. We were all being instructed to hit our stomachs very rapidly to induce ovulation. The cool part of the dream was that the instructor told us that ovulation was guaranteed to happen, it just might take longer amounts of hitting to induce it for some of us. I was hitting Ali (my right side ovary) really hard and vigorously for some reason.

Hubs is back from Chicago! He said the two-day intensive on-campus interview went well, he liked everyone in the department…but he’s not sure if he’ll get an offer. The job is very film production focused, and he’s very “theory” focused. He said they could sort of see the disconnect, but he got along well with everyone and had a fun dinner that involved $150 kobe steak and a $260 seafood appetizer.

And, in more food news, Hubs I had an amazing impromptu date last night. We brought a bottle of wine to a restaurant we used to go to when we lived near Silverlake (the cool part of LA, where it’s illegal to be over 40). We reminisced about our first dates, held hands, and really felt connected in a way that gets lost sometimes in the hustle and bustle that is life and TTC. We ate an amazing meal (even without cheese), and then we went to a dive bar near our place and played trivia on the Vegas style machines they have there. Basal body temperature, sperm count, and uterine lining were not discussed once–not purposely, but because we were both just in the moment with each other, enjoying the evening. I want to hold on to last night.

When I was a kid, the first day of “spring forward” always signified that summer time was on its way. I associate it with milestones–getting ready to leave one grade, and preparing to begin another… Summer days that melted and blended one into the next. A shift from the darker days of winter. Today is the first day of the year that the sun holds itself in the sky just a little bit longer for us. Wishing everyone beautiful beginnings, and lots of warm, sunny days in the coming months.