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Telling the dentist I’m infertile

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Right around the time that I went to the dentist for a cleaning last, I had recently gotten off the pill in hopes of TTC. Of course, back then, I had no clue that my body would go into some sort of anovulatory shock.

As part of my checkup, my dentist told me that I was due for my X Rays, and I, (the blushing infertile-to-be) told him that there was a small chance–get this–that I might be pregnant, and that I probably shouldn’t do the X Rays this time around. I guess for some reason, it was early enough in the game to where I thought back then that I might be ovulating…. any minute now? I dunno. Regardless, the dentist was excited for me, the hygienist was excited for me, and I was told to come back in a few weeks if my pregnancy test turned out to be negative so I could get those X Rays.


I didn’t come back in.

Until now, that is. It’s time for another 6 month cleaning! I’m going to assume that my dentist is going to know my pregnancy test was negative based on the fact that I clearly am not pregnant. I’m also going to have to explain that I’ve been going through some IF stuff. It’s going to be awesome! I can’t wait!

Especially since my dentist’s office is plastered with family photos of his wife and four perfect children in matching white T-Shirts and khakis.

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I'm a happily married, 31 year old gal who is just starting her journey to conceive. I also have ovaries that may need a jump start. This blog is an attempt to channel my obsessive research on my Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome into something a pregnancy test. That would be awesome. I also hope that other women with this condition will find support in this blog. There are a lot of us out here! Happy reading, whatever your journey may be.

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  1. Your dentist’s office sounds like mine. I hate going there so much. Much like you, when I went a year and a half ago, I was all “We are trying and can’t wait and please make sure my gross teeth don’t kill my baby!” I have been back several times since and each time they ask… “are you pregnant?” and I sort of want to stab my eyes out. Hang in there and know you are not the only infertile to go through this!

  2. OMG, yes. I go through the same thing. Each visit, they tell me I need x-rays, and each visit I’m in the 2ww and scared to get them. It’s horrible. And my dentist is hot in a Ken-doll, perfect way and his (probably perfect) wife had their first baby recently. Awesome! I didn’t realize we infertiles were all going through dentist drama every 6 months. Good luck with your IF discussion with them. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  3. =/ I went in for a cleaning right before my IUI in October. They did my xrays so I would be covered. It’s getting time to go back in and I don’t want to have to say that our IUI ended in a chemical and we’re about to start IVF. And of course, my dentist has about 7 kids. =/

  4. Me too!!! My last dentist appointment I was on a break between treatments and wasn’t sure what my cycles were doing or whether or not I was pregnant. But I said I wasn’t pregnant, because chances were that I wasn’t, and then I was anxious about it until I got my period.

  5. Pcosbarrenness

    I remember when I had to have the same conversation with my dentist last year. The hygienist then warned me that fertility drugs can make your gums more sensitive, and it was definitely true for me. That (and the next appointment) was not enjoyable…

  6. Count me in. It has been a over a year. I think I’m just going to switch dentists. For real.

  7. Oh no! I totally thought about that when I reminded Hubster that we need to make our appointments. I naively (I guess it was more stubbornly since I’ve known for almost 10 years that I’d be infertile) told my dental hygienist we were trying too. The while office was excited because Hubster and his family have been going there for years and years and years. But here’s some kind if good news. You can tell them as much or as little as you want! Good luck

  8. Oh the things we share with our dentists! I have a special TMJ dentist that I go to more regularly than a dentist and when I was 10 weeks pregnant the first time I was just so damn excited that when he asked me if anything new was happening, I was like YES, I’M PREGNANT! And proceeded to share my entire infertility story, how hard it was, how we used Clomid etc etc. So when I went back 4 weeks later, just 2 weeks after my miscarriage and he walks in and say “how’s mama?” I lost it, started balling my little eyes out, and I couldn’t stop. I was SO EMBARRASSED. Needless to say this time I kept my mouth firmly shut when I saw him at 12 weeks and then only at 20 weeks when he noticed the bump for himself did I finally open up about it. Shame on me actually as the relaxin in pregnancy messes with what he’s doing with my jaw, but I just couldn’t do it!

    I’m sure they either won’t ask you about it, or won’t say much after you tell them you’re still not pregnant. You don’t have to tell them any IF stuff that you don’t want to. You can’t be the only infertile going to the dentist and I’m sure they won’t say anything insensitive.

    Good luck!

    • You were spot on about the way the dentist appointment unfolded. My hygienist mentioned it once at the very beginning by saying, “last time you mentioned you were TTC…are you expecting?” I told her no, and that we’ve been having “some issues” in that department. She very calmly and nicely simply said, “I’m sorry to hear that. I hope things go all right–I’m sure you’re looking into everything you can do for that.” No advice! No “just relax”! And that was all! Whew.

  9. My method is to not go to the dentist. I haven’t been since we moved, because, you know this could be our month! Silly me.

    I hate explaining IF stuff to relative strangers, so mostly I just don’t. I say things like, “I have to miss work tomorrow for a minor surgery” or “something came up, and I can’t come” and then am super vague about everything.

    In any case, I hope it goes okay. I have a great weekend!

  10. Oh my goodness! The same thing has happened to me. I went in for a check up and told the hygenist that I couldn’t get x-rays because we had just started TTC. I went back 6 months later still not pregnant and as I left she told me, “Next time I see you you better have a baby bump!” I haven’t been back since. I actually think it would be eaiser just to go to a new dentist.

    • Oh my god! That comment your hygienist made is totally going on my “things never to say to someone who is dealing with fertility issues” list.

  11. That happened to me too! When my hygienist saw that I was clearly not pregnant 6 months later (I would have spoken up if I was). Then clearly not pregnant another 6 months later, she just pretended that she didn’t notice and mentioned that it looks like I’m due for my X-Rays and I pretended we never had the conversation about babies.

  12. Ugh, been there, done that appointment! It has been a LOT of “should we do x-rays this time? “… needless to say it’s been about a year since the last time I went. Sometimes? It’s just all too much.

  13. My dentist is the same way but luckily my co-worker and close friend who goes there found out from her that she (the dentist) had infertility issues as well, so I don’t feel so bad about her asking the question for x-ray purposes anymore!

    ICLW #50

  14. Oh, I totally hear you (except that you are much better at looking after your teeth). I went to the dentist 2 1/2 years ago. The month we went off birth control – so I could get everything taken care of before falling pregnant and having a baby. Even told them that when I went in. Look how far that got me! I haven’t gone back because I’ve been trying every month since then and I could never remember to ask for an appointment the right time of the month. Sigh. I should probably plan to go back next month now that I’ll be back on birth control pills.

  15. Ugghh the Dentist. When I went in last year I was 6 weeks pregnant and had to say no to the X-ray. Then I went back after the loss of my twins, when I should have been VERY pregnant, and it would have been listed in my chart…they must have realized I wasn’t pregnant anymore. They took me over to get those X-rays without saying anything. How uncomfortable.
    I’m glad you and hubby made up. This disease can do a number on a marriage.

  16. I hate when people take the “oh just relax and it will happen” path … I mean really – because relaxing is the answer to everything. Or… “stop trying and it’ll happen.” Cause .. ya know… if you stop trying you’ll magically get pregnant! I think not… doesn’t work like that. NOT … AT …. ALL….

    I’m one of those 4 kids deals……. but I fought hard, had a lot of miscarriages to get the monkeys that I do have. Love them all to death ๐Ÿ™‚


    Perusing your blog via ICLW (#86)

  17. Couldn’t help to chuckle to myself on this one. I feel your pain. 18 months ago went in for cleening and my gums were bleeding like crazy. Had to explain I just miscarried and hormones were still running rampid. Last year for my cleaning I couldn’t get x ray b/c I was pregnant (miscarried). Then six months later couldn’t get them..pregnant again (miscarried). The hygienist is a friend on FB and has private messaged me to see how things are going and I completely ignored her. Can’t bring myself to go back there. I need a new dentist or I will be walking around toothless in the future.


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