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A few of you have given me a One Lovely Blog Award, and due to the absolute chaos of the past couple of months, I have been remiss in both thanking you, and posting my random fun facts about myself. There are many things to hate about my procrastination in posting my blog award, namely: I can’t remember everyone who bestowed the award on me! My most recent bestower is What Viola Did Next. This lady is smart, sassy, and her blog is fantastic. For the others who have been so sweet in giving me a Lovely Blog Award, please accept my sincere apologies that I have not thanked you personally. I have been a self involved cystic bimbo the last month or two.

There are a lot of you I would like to know more about. Rather than call out specific bloggie friends I would like to invite anyone to answer this question in the comments threads: If you could be “top of class” at anything (and I mean ANYTHING) and you would get to do this and support yourself and your family very well doing this thing, what would that thing be?

Fun Facts About Me:

1. My “top in class” job would be as a writer of Tony Award winning musical theater (book and lyrics), which I would also direct (and star in, because I’d also be a top in class singer/actress). Ok, that’s like 5 things….but I heart musical theater. Watching amazing musical theater makes me weep, laugh, and sing along. Bad musical theater makes me want to beat my brains out that I’m not writing a better musical than the drek I watch on a regular basis (Addams Family Musical SUCKED!). My favorite musical is Les Miz, followed by Company.

2. I was a damn fine gymnast as a kid. Except strangely enough, I have no childhood pictures or videos of anything involving me performing gymnastics, or at meets. It makes me sad my parents didn’t capture this part of my life.

3. I just bought a violin and took my first lesson on Tuesday! It sounded like this.

4. I feel like I’d be a better “boy” mom than “girl” mom, but it may be that I’m terrified of raising a girl given that I remember very clearly what I was like as a teenager (sexually active with a college boy and sneaky/somewhat irresponsible about it.) I also dated a lot of older guys in my early 20s, naively thinking I was “mature” when what I really ended up being was “used”. Being a girl is hard.

5. I have always thought, even before I ever got my period, that I would have a problem getting pregnant. Sometimes I wonder if it was a self fulfilling prophecy, or if my body was really trying to tell me something.

6. I have kept a diary since I was 6 years old (well, it’s more like 50 diaries at this point). I have been performing some of these diary entries in a show called Mortified (getmortified dot com) for about 7 years now. I read my most humiliating childhood diary entries in front of complete strangers, and make people laugh hysterically.

7. Used Q-Tips really gross me out. I have no idea why they gross me out more than other things that are far grosser, but they do.

About Sunny

I'm a happily married, 31 year old gal who is just starting her journey to conceive. I also have ovaries that may need a jump start. This blog is an attempt to channel my obsessive research on my Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome into something a pregnancy test. That would be awesome. I also hope that other women with this condition will find support in this blog. There are a lot of us out here! Happy reading, whatever your journey may be.

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  1. Policy advocacy. If I could be a rockstar superstar at anything it would be policy advocacy targeting women’s rights. You know, so when we all have babies we would ALL be entitled to prenatal care, maternity leave, paid leave, family allowances, subsidized childcare, etc. If only someone would just hire me…(I also have been a self involved cystic bimbo and haven’t followed through with the Lovely Blog Award. Shame.)

  2. Thanks lovely 🙂 I don’t think anyone really minds if the Blog Award thing doesn’t get passed on anyway, it’s just nice to receive one!

    I think I would like to be top of the class in being all-round music freak, a la Damon Albarn who is in really innovative bands, produces, writes operas, and explores fusion of Western music with other incredible cultures. Maybe you and I could work on a musical together! Although I pretty sure I’m too lazy to ever actually achieve such status, even if I was bestowed with that kind of talent…!

  3. In reference to your number 7 – I HATE saliva. It is beyond gross to me, and if I think about it too much, I force myself not to swallow reflexively.
    Just my two cents.


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