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UCSBitch Slap!

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In the last couple of months, Hubs has been under a gigantic mound of stress finishing and defending his dissertation all while attempting to get hired at a university and getting his ass rejected time and time again (50 resumes sent, one call back, no jobs. Horse shit.)

Just when he thought that he’d be eating bon bons and watching internet porn all day for this fall semester (if only we all could be so lucky), one of his former profs put him in touch with the kindly people at UC Santa Barbara. They had a visiting professor position open…and they just “happened” to think that Hubs would be perfect for the gig!

Hubs will be commuting to Santa Barbara two days a week in the fall AND spring quarters and PROFESSORING his ass off–two classes per quarter. I’m so damn proud of him. Plus it will give me an excuse to drive up the coast and visit this sinfully beautiful campus on a regular basis.

I mean seriously. Do people actually learn here, or do they just play in the ocean and drink mai tais?


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I'm a happily married, 31 year old gal who is just starting her journey to conceive. I also have ovaries that may need a jump start. This blog is an attempt to channel my obsessive research on my Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome into something a pregnancy test. That would be awesome. I also hope that other women with this condition will find support in this blog. There are a lot of us out here! Happy reading, whatever your journey may be.

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  1. Woohoo! That is great news!!!!!!

  2. Great news! Hopefully those baby boomers will begin to exit stage right leaving room for new tenure-track faculty.

  3. AH, yay! Congrats to your husband! UCSB is AMAZING. One of my best friends from Grad School had gone there for undergrad and took me on a tour when I visited her in California. I can’t even believe that’s an institute of higher learning. It’s literally on the beach! What an awesome place to go to school!

  4. Amazing!! Although eating bonbons and watching internet porn doesn’t sound like a bad gig either.

  5. Exciting! Congrats! I hope you get to spend lots of time on the beach next year 🙂

  6. Big congrats to your husband! My husband has been struggling to find a job in academia, too, so I know how stressful the whole process is. And all those rejection letters! I hope this opportunity leads to many more!

  7. Woop woop hubs! If I had went to school there, I’d have flunked out before the first semester ended!

  8. That’s great news for your husband – congratulations! I went there for a couple years, and my biggest regret is that I never just pulled over on the way to school to spend the day at the beach. Too academically focused for my own (mental) good, I guess ….

  9. That is fantastic news. I would say you are going to enjoy visiting him there. Congratulations!


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