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Traffic Court can suck it.

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Happy Monday, everyone. Happy freaking Monday. I swear, could these weekends get any shorter? Seems like I was just bitching about last week. This Monday I get to go to traffic court for the illegal left hand turn I made a few weeks ago to avoid a massive traffic backup. Turns out the cops are on to this illegal left turn, and there was a motorcycle cop parked right at the end of the alley of the shortcut I was taking, pulling over every car that came thorough. Yippeee!!!!!

Not much to update this morning, I’m sorry to report. I’m still waiting out the results of this cycle. Estrogen levels of 160 and Progesterone levels of 16 from my blood test on Friday indicated ovulation. The threshold for Progesterone on a medicated cycle is 15, but my doc doesn’t seem concerned that mine is too low. I know that a lot of you gals are on progesterone suppositories, and I’m just curious if your docs put you on them as a precautionary measure, even if your progesterone levels are normal, or if you have tested as low progesterone. Just trying to make sure I’m doing all the right things.

I have been having the most vivid dreams I’ve had in months. I won’t bore you with the messed up details of all of them, but this is crazy! I am having at least 4 a night that I remember. I know, I know…”vivid dreams” is *supposedly* an early symptom of pregnancy…but I just can’t buy into that hooplah just yet. I feel like I could google “craving carrots pregnant” and come up with something that says it’s an early pregnancy symptom. My guess is that my hormones are a bit whacked right now, and that’s what’s causing the vivid dreams.

My only other “symptom” is that my boobs are crazy sore, but that also is a typical PMS symptom for me. So essentially, I’m 8DPO and feeling completely and utterly normal. No cramping, no heightened sense of smell, no nothing.

I’m just keeping my fallopian tubes crossed that AF doesn’t make an appearance, and that I can test on Friday or Saturday.


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I'm a happily married, 31 year old gal who is just starting her journey to conceive. I also have ovaries that may need a jump start. This blog is an attempt to channel my obsessive research on my Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome into something a pregnancy test. That would be awesome. I also hope that other women with this condition will find support in this blog. There are a lot of us out here! Happy reading, whatever your journey may be.

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  1. I feel your general annoyance… I’m on a “mock cycle” now, to prep for IVF and to check my lining and everything, and my boobs are SO sore, which drives me crazy because I know I’m not preggo. I just wish there was one symptom that let you know 100%… at, like, 3 DPO.

    Re: progesterone suppositories and PIO shots — my RE has me on these and has never checked my levels post-ovulation. So pretty sure it’s just a precautionary measure.


  2. I shall cross my tubes for you as well my friend. In fact I shall cross everything.

  3. My Re had me use progesterone suppositories just as a precaution. I never even had my levels tested. That shits expensive and gross, but worth it if it helps sustain a pregnancy. I can’t hardly wait for you to POAS. Fingers crossed, lady!

  4. I have progesterone suppositories to use after my IUI. They dish them out as standard at my clinic. I’m especially looking forward to using them after Stork’s post on their hideousness!

  5. Ooh I make illegal left turns all the time! Jerk, he should find something else to ticket.
    Crossing my parts for you this cycle.

  6. I had one RE that did not and one that does, though that isn’t really a fair assessment. I didn’t get to RE #2 until I had the two miscarriages. I think he prescribed them based upon the miscarriages, as opposed to a routine precaution. Also, 16 is a great number. Really. I don’t know if I’ve come across anyone that has had a better number unless they were five weeks pregnant, or something. Great number.

    • Good info to know! Progesterone levels are one of those things I don’t read a lot about. I grilled my doc, but she assured me they’re “strong”. Last month was an 18. Hell, if I can avoid vag suppositories, I suppose that’s good news.

  7. When is AF due, my love? I would like to stalk you in a non-pressuring but nonetheless creepy fashion.

    Progesterone gave me hella weird dreams and sore boobs.. Oh those suppositories were so disgusting. I never had any low-progesterone problems but I was on them as a precaution, I think.

  8. My old clinic also prescribes progesterone as a precautionary thing. I never once had my levels tested. The doc told me that it’s not an uncommon problem and it’s such an easy thing to fix that they prefer to just give them to everyone.

    I’m actually going to ask my new RE about getting on them now even when I’m “cycling” naturally. My last LP was only 10 or 11 days, which I know is technically normal, but I’d prefer to be on the safe side…


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