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Happy 2013!! After a good week off from blogging, computers, and typing in general, I am back and ready for the 2013 attack.

2013 started off with me feeling like a complete asshole for this blog entry. I just received an email from my best friend telling me she had lost the baby two weeks ago (I think she was around 10 weeks along), and that they were very sad, but trying to push through. They had seen the baby at 8 weeks, and then 2 weeks later, she started bleeding. She let me know that she didn’t want this to dampen my excitement about  my pregnancy in any way, and that she still wants to hear all about my updates… I was devastated for her, and pissed at myself for being so self absorbed that I assumed my friend would be immune to miscarriage. It has changed the way I view the way I take things in, and what I put out into this world. I don’t want to be that bitter person who thinks that I’m the only person the world deals shit to.

Things here continue to progress at a snail’s pace. On the job front, my offer is still pending until I have my background check complete (let’s hope they don’t uncover my dark history of stealing a bunch of Goldfish crackers from my after school day care when I was 8), and with all of the holiday closures, it’s taking for freaking ever to get final paperwork from them. I just want things to be official already so I can quit my current job and move on.

I am also inching ever slowly to the 12 week mark with this pregnancy. This Sunday, I will be 12 weeks exactly, which is big. Reeeeeeally big for me and Hubs mentally. We told our families over Christmas, and I had a mini freak out after we did it because I thought we would jinx ourselves for telling too early (how quickly I forgot my “relax and dive in” post from a couple of weeks ago.) The exuberance my family displayed was worth it though. We had one confused grandparent who still didn’t know what she was looking at after examining the ultrasound picture for 2 minutes, and who also asked me afterwards if the doctor had instructed me on how much weight I could gain during the pregnancy. “Only 12 pounds, and I can always use diet pills if I’m gaining too quickly, right grandma?” I almost quipped that I’ll make sure to have the doc turn up my laughing gas during delivery, and make sure Hubs smokes some cigars in the hospital waiting room while I’m delivering.  Oy. A lot has changed since the 50s.

This Monday, we had my first appointment with my OB who was thrilled for us. He didn’t do an ultrasound, but instead said that he would use the dopler. I told him to prepare to give me an ultrasound if we could not locate the heartbeat, because you bet your ass I was not leaving the office on New Year’s Eve without confirmation on that.  After 2 EXCRUCIATINGLY painful minutes, and me hyperventilating on the table, he found Bagel’s heartbeat nestled deep into the right side of my uterus. Bagel, please don’t terrify me like that anymore. Heartbeat was in the 170s, so looking on track for his age! We have our NT scan next Thursday–anyone know how long those take, and whether or not the doc can give you answers right there in the room?

I bought my first official pair of maternity pants over the break–I can no longer fit into regular jeans anymore. My excitement to finally see a little belly was quickly tampered with the absolutely ASININE prices at Pea in the Pod. $215 for JEANS?????? Sorry, but fuck you. I’m beginning to realize that the baby industry is much like the wedding industry. Put “maternity” or “wedding” in front of anything, and the prices jack up 100%. Anyone know of any good places on line I can get maternity clothes cheap? I am the least crafty person around, so I will not be sewing my own belly panels on my jeans.

Hubs and I have been having a little conundrum about Metformin. I have continued taking it through the 1st trimester, per my RE’s instructions, and I’ve heard conflicting views as to whether or not to stay on it the whole pregnancy. My gut says to stop, but I don’t want to throw my system out of whack. Anyone been through a pregnancy all the way on Met? I don’t really like being on medication, so I’d like to stop, but obviously, I don’t want to hurt the baby in any way. I have tested as mildly insulin resistant, but nothing close to diabetic. I want to do everything humanly possible to keep Bagel safe, and while I haven’t found a ton of info that Met is extremely harmful to the baby, there are little articles that pop up here and there on neural tube defects and Met–but there really haven’t been many conclusive studies on anything.

And it looks like I’ve run out of brain dump for today…wish I could have as good a real dump (constipation be damned!)

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I'm a happily married, 31 year old gal who is just starting her journey to conceive. I also have ovaries that may need a jump start. This blog is an attempt to channel my obsessive research on my Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome into something a pregnancy test. That would be awesome. I also hope that other women with this condition will find support in this blog. There are a lot of us out here! Happy reading, whatever your journey may be.

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  1. $215 for a pair of JEANS???? Holy crap. I have never bought any maternity clothes, but friends have told me that Old Navy is a good (and cheaper) place to get them. They certainly won’t be $215….

  2. Sunnnnny!!!! Holy crap I can’t believe you’re almost 12 weeks.

    $215 for jeans? NO. What a bunch of assholes. Live in leggings. Be the sweatpants lady or the mumu lady.

    • 12 weeks goes FAST…it seems like only yesterday I was burying myself in your arms at the movies like a school girl. Mumus seem like the classy thing to do, really. $200 jeans can seriously bite me.

  3. Check out some used clothing stores… I’ve found a bunch of good super cheap stuff from them!

  4. So…$215 may be expensive but a great pair of designer maternity jeans will help make you feel attractive towards the end when you feel HUGE. The cheap maternity jeans are just that…cheap, and the bigger you get the less attractive they are. I LOVED my AG maternity jeans and wore them almost every day towards the end when even my beloved dresses made me feel huge, they were the ONLY thing that I felt attractive in and they were worth every penny of that $250 I spent on them! I was VERY sad to pack them away in my maternity clothes box =( Seriously…spend the money on a great pair of maternity jeans, you won’t regret it!!!!

    • The AG ones were the ones I LOVED and fit so well…I just couldn’t bring myself to buy them this time around. Maybe when I’m getting bigger and need a splurge…but I dunno. The ones I got for $95 are looking really cute, so we’ll see how far they will go. Logically, I know that you get what you pay for, but at the same time, I find it insulting to pay that much for jeans I will wear for a year. It feels like Pea in a Pod/ “designer maternity” brands are looking to make a quick buck off of the fact that we’re feeling a bit less attractive. It just irks me, is all.

  5. Oh, so sad about your friend. But yes, just goes to show how you can’t assume anything about any pregnant woman’s situation these days… anyway, I don’t know from maternity clothes at ALL, but everyone always talks about the Bella Band? Isn’t it just some thing that means you can leave your fly undone and just cover up the gaping hole with what is essentially a giant hairband? That’s my best guess, Suns… sorry I can’t be of more help!

  6. People buy $215 jeans? Jeez. I’ve gotten a few things from Old Navy and even though you have to order online the sizes (at least for me) fit fine. Some Ross stores also have a maternity sections (I actually found a pair for $12)

  7. Old Navy, Motherhood Maternity, even Gap maternity! Much cheaper than that. I liked the feel of my Gap maternity jeans but I bought a size too big and thought washing them would make them shrink, duhhhhh so I didn’t really wear them. But I agree that a good pair of maternity jeans is worth a little bit of money, so I recommend don’t cheap out on them (but $215 is just kind of unacceptable!).

  8. Dude. The whole wedding/maternity pricing is offensive. What about opportunities for super nice maternity clothes via CL or thrift stores in the LA metro. You could be waltzing around in Jessica Alba’s old jeans. (Or maybe someone cooler.)

  9. In regards to the Metformin during pregnancy, I took it (500mg three X’s/day) with both my daughters (now 2 yrs old and 3 months old) and they are fine. I was scared to get off it and my OB thought it was fine. I’ve also nursed both kids while taking it.

  10. There must be some reasonably priced mat jeans somewhere surely?

    I am so sorry for your friend. You just never know when the crap is going to hit. Some friends of ours had their baby over Christmas, my envy monster reared its ugly head and then yesterday the poor bloke accidentally ran over the family dog and so they are understandably heartbroken. Life just loves to kick us in the teeth.

    Happy jean hunting.

  11. Old navy has a bigger selection online than in stores, but I am much happier with my gap maternity jeans- they’re pricier but worth it for 1 or two good pairs. Get the full panel ones and make sure the panel is full around the back too- the ones that dip down in the back are not comfortable late in pregnancy, and you can always fold the panel down if it’s too wide early on. Target has some good stuff too. ON and Target are better for shirts and leggings and that sort of thing and decent quality. I have a couple items from motherhood and think the quality is pretty crummy. Try resale shops too- sometimes baby resale shops have maternity sections, and lots of moms unload whole maternity wardrobes on Craigslist or eBay.

  12. I hear you about not being able to wait til the 12 weeks! let’s get over the hump into second tri already. That is so sad to hear about your friend but try to not let it freak YOU out, us IF-gals are easily spooked as you acknowledge. Things sound great and i echo the Old Navy idea, people keep telling me that as well. I have yet to dive into mat clothes, yet and pretty much live in long skirts and leggings. Have a great wknd 🙂

  13. I got my jeans on sale at Motherhood Maternity (not the Pea in the Pod side) for like $30. Target also has cheap maternity jeans. I had the best luck overall at Kohls, Motherhood, and Target. I got a few things from Old Navy but they kind of suck. 😛 I also stayed on Metformin through week 12, then stopped. I’m so thrilled for you!!

  14. I’m late, as usual, but really glad that you had such a good reaction from your family. Telling the good news to loved ones is such a wonderful moment. 🙂

  15. Happy 2013! Congrats on telling your family. These are exciting times! I hope that 2013 is a fantastic year for you. I look forward to your updates 🙂

  16. I am so happy you are moving right along! congrats again! They could tell you a couple things during the NT scan but more is revealed after the blood results come in. Also, I think I was on Metformin till about 16-20 weeks. I requested to stop taking it because of the side effects and that I wanted to be insulin med free for my glucose test at 28 weeks. I felt like I wouldn’t get a clear picture whether I had gestacional diabetes if I were on it. So I was taken off and never needed it again. No diabetes btw.

  17. Hi! Just came across your blog. I’m 18 weeks with twins and OB wanted me off metformin at 12 weeks. No problems so far for the Bubs, I did end up with Gestational diabetes but I don’t know if metaformin would have prevented it? I’d see if you go off if you can be tested for GD early.

  18. Just a question I have to ask if you don’t mind, its from your old blog. The time you had that yeast infection for about six months how did you finally get rid of it? I have had one for almost a year now . I also suffer from PCOS .

    • Definitely don’t mind answering a question about yeast 🙂 I find that as much as I attempted to do a natural no sugar diet which is supposed to be good for ridding your body of yeast, what works the best for me is one Diflucan pill that my doctor prescribes. I can’t take it now that I’m pregnant, but I have found that if and when I do get one, the Diflucan will clear symptoms up in 1-2 days. Knock on wood, I haven’t had a yeast infection since being pregnant, but I have felt like one was maybe coming on, and I immediately took Multidophilus-12 by Solaray. One pill has 20 billion live cultures. It cleared my symptoms up right away.


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