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22 weeks: Growing a bigger Bagel, and designing a room!

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Something has happened over the last couple of weeks that has me slightly nervous…not ungrateful…just…well….let’s just say I’m looking at my naked body in the mirror a lot lately and squinting and saying: “Hmmmm. This definitely looks….different”. Admittedly, I had a few moments of guilty hyperventilation as I squeezed my newly formed back and ass fat.  I know I’m supposed to be grateful for it all…so it’s hard when the negative thoughts about my body come up. My underwear has stopped fitting.  Who cares. I’ll buy bigger underwear, right?  But…well…it’s just taking some getting used to. In 4 weeks, I have probably gained 5 or 6 pounds. I believe I’m up a total of 14 pounds since Day 1. There are large padded areas on my butt and thighs that didn’t used to be there. I’m doing my best to embrace the inevitable weight gain, but it’s odd to see it coming on and not be able to do anything about it. It’s been quite a mental shift for me, as I’m used to being athletic and being strict about my calorie intake if I want to loose weight. I had to look in the mirror this morning and shrug and just say…fuck it. Bagel is growing strong, and my body is nourishing her right now.  If nature wants my ass to grow in order for Bagel to grow…so be it. I am still continuing to eat my nightly bowl of ice cream.

Ice cream? Or a sweet Bagel girl? Maybe a little bit of both…


Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been allowing myself to get really really excited about this pregnancy. Hubs has been working with a closet guy to get the closest in the nursery re-done (the “nursery” was formerly a cluttered storage type room that always seemed to remain in limbo as we went through the TTC process. The closet in there was absolute shit.). I’m finally putting my registry together, and I’ve been making decisions on nursery decorating, which is big for me, considering my design prowess usually falls somewhere between Target sale and maybe Macy’s home store. Aside from just simply not being that artistic from a design sense, I have a really big problem when it comes to decision making– especially when there are seemingly infinite possibilities. An empty room can be as scary as a blank page when you’re trying to fill it with something meaningful. The internet is both a blessing and a curse in this regard. There are INFINITE baby sites on the interwebs, which means I have gone into design overload.  I’m also a stickler for good deals, so I have spent HOURS scouring Craig’s List, glider deals, baby bedding sites, and my most current time suck, Etsy.

After hours (and I mean…hours….) of research on where to find bedding at the best price, I found Baby Bedding Zone. They have a huge variety of bedding sets, and their prices were the best (better than Amazon or Overstock in most cases). Overstock has also had some good choices for bedding. My mom is being extremely generous and buy us our crib, mattress, and changing table. I’m getting mine from a site called Cymax. Out of every place I scoured for cribs, this one had the best deals. For about $600 I’m getting a crib, bed converters, a changing table, and a mattress. I probably won’t use the mattress, as I’m going phthalate free and getting this one, but it’s still an awesome deal compared to some of the sites I’ve seen. They have a wide variety of cribs at different prices as well.

Because I would consider myself highly mediocre in the decorating department, I am usually content with basic furniture and minimal design in my house, but for some reason, I have felt the urge to go all out on  making the baby room special. I want to make it unique with original art, an interesting bedding set, and a freaking fabulous glider.  I have found two bedding sets that I love and have ordered both (I will send one back) They are quite different color schemes, so I have had a lot to think about in terms of wall decorations and such.  The search for original art to hang in the room has led me to Etsy. Please do yourself a favor and do not go on Etsy unless you have about 2-3 hours at a time to loose yourself in it. This website is magical!!! I have found so many original pieces and gorgeous wall decals on there. Once I decide on the bedding, I will order some original prints that tie in to the theme (many of the original prints on Etsy range from $40-$60).

Lastly, I finally decided on a glider. There are about 5,678 to choose from, and I have researched about 5,457 of them. Ultimately, I’ve gone with a Dutailier, which is on the more expensive end of things, but from what I hear, they’re worth it. I probably could have gone with a cheaper glider, but I really wanted to make comfort a priority, and some of the other ones seemed hit or miss based on the reviews. What I also didn’t know about gliders is that there are about 156 different types of gliders per brand…so with that in mind, I picked THIS ONE off a site called Hayneedle is hit or miss with prices, but I have not found a better deal on this glider anywhere else.

My goal is to give Bagel a cozy, colorful little nest when she gets here. I will post pics as I start putting everything together!


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I'm a happily married, 31 year old gal who is just starting her journey to conceive. I also have ovaries that may need a jump start. This blog is an attempt to channel my obsessive research on my Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome into something a pregnancy test. That would be awesome. I also hope that other women with this condition will find support in this blog. There are a lot of us out here! Happy reading, whatever your journey may be.

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  1. Love this update!!! Congrats on 22 weeks!!

  2. OK, well you certainly don’t LOOK like you’re gaining any weight around the butt! That bump just gets cuter and cuter, honestly. Would love to see nursery pics when you start pulling it all together — I am so intimidated by the whole decorating process, I imagine I’ll put it off until 39 weeks. Also, beware of Etsy — I once ended up buying, like, 40 wall decals because I couldn’t stop and they were all so damn cute.

    • I was so intimidated by decorating too! I found that for me the best way to start was with a bedding set I really liked which I then built out from there in terms of colors and wall accessories.

  3. I think your bump is adorable! That said, I do very much understand having a hard time with the body changes. No matter how much you want a child, nothing can prepare you for the changes your body will endure. Even I have some back fat now that pinches under my bras and makes me feel like a bag of snacks 🙂 Just have to remember that this layer of softness will help to feed our babies once they are here (or so we can pray!)

    • The back/bra fat was what really got me! I’ve never felt that before and it has been uncomfortable to wear my bras. Doesn’t help that new bras are 40 bucks a pop.

  4. Love the links, especially the glider! Thanks for posting. Also, your bump is cute as a button.

  5. Your bump IS totally adorable. And yeah, I don’t see any “back fat” either, but I totally get it! My muffin top came in before my belly (grr!) 😉 And I’m super glad you’re going with a natural mattress without the chemicals. Stupid California and its stupid (and harmful!) flame retardant rules – drives me crazy when I shop for furniture!!!!


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