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27 Week Update

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So much to report!! I’m proud to announce I finished “wall decal project to end all wall decal projects” yesterday!!! More on that in a bit. The nursery of my addled mind is coming along. And I just enthusiastically typed the words “wall decal”. The times they are a changin.

Yesterday, I hit 27 weeks. For some reason, this milestone felt bigger than some of the other weeks. Perhaps it’s because in the past week, I have really begun to notice Bagels sleep/wake patterns (3:30AM-5:30AM is party time at our place, as is 8-10PM), and I feel her little jabs more frequently. She’s feeling more baby-like inside of me, if that makes any sense. This week she kicked Hubs so hard when he was talking to her through my belly that his hand flew off my stomach and he screamed.

“Was that a kick??”

Me, excited that Bagel has FINALLY proven her existence: “Yes. YES!!! That’s what I was TALKING about!!”


Bagel is usually highly uncooperative with the kick feeling. She’ll be pummeling my stomach and as soon as I put Hubs’ hand on there to feel her, she turns into a saint and meditates. I have heard of other moms having the exact same experience. Weird!

What I thought was my belly “pop” a few weeks ago has nothing on what my stomach looks like now. There is a heaviness that wasn’t there before, but thank the good Lord of Dance that I do not have the sciatic pain I had a few weeks ago. I took a 27 week picture, but it’s on Hubs’ camera, so I will post at a later time. I kept trying to stand at different angles during this pic, swearing that it was the “angle” that was making my ass look approximately 5 times the size it was in my Week 12 pic. Nope. My butt is just large. Hubs enjoys my new “semi-Latina/Brazilian” butt, though, and has told me that he hopes I don’t loose it when I go back to my pre-pregnancy weight “3 weeks after the baby is born”. Har har. As of this morning, I’m officially up +20 pounds, which is tracking pretty well for this stage of my pregnancy, so I’m assuming I’ll be +30-35 by the time all is said and done.

As those who have followed this blog from the beginning know, I rarely if ever get my period due to PCOS (in a year and a half I got one period that was not medically induced, and one during the cycle that I ovulated on Clomid and did not get pregnant.) Apparently, to make up for the lack of blood from one orifice, my body has decided pregnancy would be an awesome time to see how many other orifices I can bleed from. My persistent hemorrhoid has been acting up again, so I essentially have had a permanent butt period, and yesterday, my nose decided to join in the fun. I had heard that nosebleeds were a pregnancy symptom, and I have noticed trace amounts of blood when I blow my nose from time to time, but yesterday it was full on “too many lines of coke” bleed. I’m trying to stay hydrated, as I hear it helps relieve some of the pressure on the blood vessels which cause the bleeds.

All bleeding aside, I am still feeling really energized and awesome. I’m hoping I can keep up my stamina for another few weeks while I finish up the nursery. Typing “finish up the nursery” makes me feel like a huge fraud, as I’m about as far from an interior decorator as they come. However, there’s been something about this nursery project that has had me basically June Cleavering it up these days. I’m scouring Pinterest, musing about color schemes, and investigating area rugs, pillows, and artsy craftsy crap. It’s a new day here in the Decyst household. As of yesterday, I finished the wall decal. Wall decal. Yes, I just typed it again. The word “decal” and all of the cheesy nail salon imagery it conjures is in that category of words along with “panties” and “fro-yo” that just don’t vibe with me. I always swore I would not do anything that would “girlie” the shit out of a room. I’m a strong, working woman! Ponies and rainbows be damned! My bedding is not particularly frilly or girlie…my crib is pretty standard…And then… the estrogen from this pregnancy must have hit, because Ladies and one Gentleman, THIS happened yesterday:


I present to you: “Nursery that has been Girlied the Shit Out Of”. 6 hours of cutting, peeling, and preparing for this…glorious…moment!!! My arms and back are sore, but hot DAMN, you guys, am I proud of this. I don’t care if it looks like a Laura Ashley ad exploded on my little girl’s wall. 20+ hours of scouring Etsy for the right decal for my wall (Me? Obsess much? ), plus an additional 10+ hours or so of matching Pantone colors that were customized to match my bedding have paid off.  I only wish the colors in the pic were more reflective of how vibrant they are in real life. It looks like a girlie forest exploded up in here. And I love it.

Only problem now is, I keep having these recurring nightmares that somehow the three doctors who have told me I’m having a girl will have been wrong.

The rest of the room is still in progress, but I will be sure to take pics when it all comes together–hopefully in the next couple of weeks, as my baby shower is being hosted at my house, and I need to have everything looking Martha Stewart perfect to continue to trick people into believing that I have a happy homemaker gene.


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I'm a happily married, 31 year old gal who is just starting her journey to conceive. I also have ovaries that may need a jump start. This blog is an attempt to channel my obsessive research on my Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome into something a pregnancy test. That would be awesome. I also hope that other women with this condition will find support in this blog. There are a lot of us out here! Happy reading, whatever your journey may be.

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  1. I love the wall decal- it looks fantastic! We recently did a stencil in our bedroom and we were surprised at how well it turned out.

    I hope you stop bleeding from your other orifices soon!

  2. I love wall decals! And that is a cute one! Our nursery is COVERED in monster decals. I think I might have gone overboard. Like, to the ceiling, on all the walls. COVERED.

  3. The nursery looks beautiful! I love the forest theme. 🙂

    I have the same fear about being told the wrong gender. I know it’s much less common for them to make a mistake when they say “it’s a boy!” but I can’t help but feel paranoid about it after having chosen a name and buying a shit-ton of boy stuff.

  4. It totally looks like Laura Ashley threw up in there, but it’s beautiful!!! I love it!

  5. Ew, bum periods are the worst! I’d suggest buying some tampons, but, well…. yeah.

    Way to let your estrogen come crashing into your design sense — I think it looks perfect! Also, if it somehow ended up being a boy, who cares? Any baby would love that room.

  6. Looks AWESOME! I KNOW that took some hard work!
    And your theory totally makes sense to me now…. I totally get all the nose bleeds I have had. My body had to rid me of the blood somehow. BINGO

  7. I LOVE those wall decals!!! I am also totally anti creative and used wall decals to decorate myself. (post and pics to come sometime this week)

    I have had hemorrhoids since about week 28, though luckily, not bleeding ones. Ugh.

  8. That looks awesome! And my June Bug does the same thing –she likes to play possum when my husband puts his hand on her! But if he puts his FACE on her, she whops him!

    I am also totally nervous that the tech was wrong and that our “she” will be a “he”; a nervousness that kicked in once we got the stuff for her nursery.

  9. love it! I am also spending hours on Etsy finding the right tree decal – not as girly, of course 🙂 And i hear you about the kick. At 27 weeks my little one is going crazy inside of me and i think you can start to see him move my stomach. very cool, indeed

  10. That is BEAUTIFUL! I am so impressed. And also laughing, because you fell in the girly trap. I was convinced, regardless of gender, that I would do bright, primary colors, in a happy, artsy-theme. Now I know I’m having a girl, I was on Etsy searching for princessy folk art. Wow.

    Oh, and I am terrified of hemorrhoids. I want to be one of the only pregnant women to survive pregnancy without them. It can happen, right??


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