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Bagel has a bony butt

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I’m typing this at 4AM on Sunday morning staring at my huge belly and watching as Bagel’s tiny little foot moves in a lump from the top center of my belly allllllll the way over to the edge of the top right part of my side. Never fails to fascinate me!  It used to tickle when she did this, but there have been a couple points (like last night) that I’ve yelped in pain, as her foot has hit a few nerves I never knew existed. I have been all belly this entire pregnancy, and I’m beginning to sense that my uterus must stick out more than most– I keep hearing about rib pain, but not feeling it. She is definitely positioned over and above my ribs (hence her ability to stretch her leg all the way to what feels like my hip bone! There is a hard lump I feel at the top of my belly that has been moving around a lot. I was convinced for a few days that it was her head, but the doc confirmed it was her “bony butt”–his words, not mine!

According to my appointment last week, she is most likely in Left Occipital Anterior position, which means her head is at my pelvis, her backside curves around my left side, and her feet/ass are up near my diaphragm. Like this:


It’s evidently a pretty common position and a good one for birth, so I’m hoping she stays put. At this point, I can’t imagine she has much room to do flips. Stay put, Bagel! Just a few more weeks till you’re out of this dark cozy ute and into Hubs and my totally novice arms!

There still feels like so much to do. Cloth diapers to prep (I’m planning a cloth diapering post, don’t you worry!), meals to make and freeze, bouncy seats to put together, and laundry…always laundry. I got into a serious cleaning mode yesterday and hand washed the inside of our kitchen trash can which left me exhausted. I can feel myself huffing and puffing more in doing even the simplest tasks, and although I never thought I’d say this, rolling over in bed has become an immense feat. I wake about 4-5 times a night either to pee or roll because my hip is sore, and each time I need to switch positions, it’s like my entire stomach takes a few extra seconds to catch up. Having a 6 pound living human in your belly is absolutely fascinating and incredibly surreal. She now responds to touch, especially if I lightly poke her bony butt. I find this to be adorable, although I’m sure it annoys her. I’m also noticing she responds to sounds, and feel kind of bad that I scared her yesterday with my electric mixer when I made banana bread. Every time I turned it on to beat ingredients, she moved A LOT, and then would stop as soon as I turned it off.

Based on her movements and activity levels, I feel like she is going to be a very intense baby with many highs and lows. She will go hours where she thrashes around in me, kicking wildly and dancing, and then she goes to sleep for a couple hours, literally not moving more than a couple of times. Given the whole “kick count” warnings I’ve head, her long nap times have scared me a few times, so I’ve annoyingly poked her butt to make sure she’s ok. When I do this when she’s napping, she gives a slow, “leave me alone” move like she’s pulling the covers over her head, and goes back to being motionless. During those times, I feel like I have a disgruntled teen in my belly.

Aside from the much more frequent peeing and to-be-expected tiredness,  my only real negative symptom that has cropped up has been what I think is pregnancy induced carpal tunnel–especially at night and when I wake up. The joints in all of my fingers feel swollen and stiff, and I can barely close and open my hand. And forget about my wedding ring…that shit came off two weeks ago. (Helloooo boys!!)

Finally, Hubs and I are attempting to install Bagel’s crib camera and have reached an impasse as to where to put it. I had no clue the freaking thing needed to be drilled into a wall??? The biggest problem is that I spent oh, I dunno, 6 FREAKING HOURS working on her decalled wall over her crib, and it’s the only spot that we can mount it in order to use the camera (first world problems, YES, I know…). Hubs was going to drill right into the center of that wall so there would literally be a big fat baby camera and cord smack in the middle of my forest scene. I promptly flipped the FUCK out, and he told me I was sacrificing our baby’s safety for vanity. I’m sorry, but there has to be another creative way to mount this fucker on something other than my mural!! I suggested the crib, but he said the baby could crawl and get to it…but I swear I have seen others mount theirs on the crib. If not the crib, has anyone else encountered this problem with the baby cams? I’m open to anything–and I’m even thinking maybe a tripod near the crib would do the trick? Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


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  1. Tripod was going to be my suggestion actually. Then it can be moved if she is sleeping in another room (pack and play/cosleeper/whatever) and you are not drilling into your wall. I don’t know about your track record with wall drilling, but Professor has banned me from drilling into ours anymore after I made multiple huge messes that resulted in a day of swearing and patching 🙂

    • Belle!! Don’t even get me started with drilling in our house. Making permanent holes in the wall is a HUGE anxiety point for me, and any time there is a home improvement project involving a drill, you can bet that you’ll hear either me or Hubs screaming, “nooo!!!! Not there!!!!” Hanging shelving in Bagel’s room was NOT a fun weekend project. Tripod just may be the way I’m going with this.

  2. Disgruntled teen in your belly. HAHA
    We actually just set our camera on the side of the crib on a little ledge. It does fall down sometimes though. But hey its easily movable

  3. Our babycam is mounted on the wall across the room (which is admittedly only 10×10), very high up near the ceiling. I don’t think it needs to be so close. We don’t really see much of their faces and it’s not a problem. I don’t need to be able to see them breathe (we didn’t even have the babycam until they were 4 months old and someone gave it to us as a gift). The most useful thing the camera has told us is whether their feet have gotten stuck in the rails now that they can roll and move around the cribs.

    Honestly, you don’t NEED a babycam. You aren’t sacrificing her safety if you don’t have it DIRECTLY over the crib. All you need is the audio, and even then you mostly don’t need it unless you’re far away. We turn our monitor off at night because we are in the room next door, the doors are all open, and figure if it’s worth responding to then we’d hear it anyway.

  4. I got a monitor that is only audio and that was fine in the early days. For the last couple of months I have wished we had video because the babe scoots himself around until his head is in a corner or against the rails and I would prefer to know that so I could respond more quickly. I don’t think he’s getting into dangerous positions, just uncomfortable ones. When I hear him fuss a bit I usually wait to see if he falls back to sleep without going in there. I feel guilty when I find him with his neck kinked up. We’re looking to trade up to video as soon as I find $100 around here.

  5. So crazy that you can tell which body parts are poking out where, and when Bagel is sleeping (or just sulking like the disgruntled teen she is, at heart)… no wonder mommas feel so bonded with their babies before they even exit the womb.

    Re: the camera… no idea, but our friends have their attached to the side of the crib. It’ll be a while before Bagel can even stand up and start grabbing at it, so don’t worry so much yet. Maybe deal with that problem if/when you come to it. The most important thing is that you have wall decals in place. I always say: Car seat, Diapers, Wall Decals. Everything else is just gravy!

  6. I hear you about the long naps. They really freak me out too re: kick counts. And i find he is really quiet when I’m busy and then i freak out that i did too much activity and somehow hurt him.

    But today, sitting on my bum at work, he’s moving and kicking so i guess he just gets bored when i’m doing nothing 🙂

    I also hear you about the camera – my suggestion is tripod. I have to tackle mine, too, as i got a video one. Time is getting close!

  7. Looking forward to your cloth diapering post. I’m still wavering on where I fall on this, but feeling more and more like it may be out of my scope whilst going back to work. Not sure.

    I loved this post, by the way, I’m just getting to the part where his kicks feel “real” instead of like magical bubbles. But your post shows just how much it develops into a real relationship with your baby even before she is born. It’s so neat. I always thought feeling movement would be “neat,” but I never thought about how much you get connected to the baby through their patterns.

  8. Duuude. My carpal tunnel has gotten ridick. I have a name tag that hangs from my pocket and it flew up and smacked my forearm the other day and my entire arm went numb. I think it’s gotten worse since V’s been born. And there’s no way I’m having hand/arm surgery until my baby can walk without falling over, which if she’s anything like her dad will be never.

    I never did do a cloth diaper post about my favorites. Maybe I should do that.

  9. You’re getting so close!!! Sofia was head down from early on and did a LOT of kicking of my ribs. Sometimes a foot would get “stuck” in painful position so I’d tickle her to see if she’d move…

    Regarding the monitor, we have our camera hung on the crib. We have the AngelCare which has to be near enough for all the cables to reach, etc., so our options were limited. The monitor itself hangs from the top bar on one of the short sides and the cords are secured to the back of one of the posts (so invisible to Sofia). She ocassionally plays with the monitor (since it has a tiny light on it that of course draws the attention of a not-quite-sleepy-enough toddler) but has never done much to it over the course of 2 years…


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