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The Birth Story–Part 1

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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I get ten whole minutes in which to type this entry now that Shira is fed, and I’m feeling some semblance of balance here. I’ve been trying to type this entry for literally 3 days.  Over the last 6 days, my life has been run in increments of 2-3 hour sleep/wake/poop cycles. It’s been an amazing, interesting ride. Please excuse any typos or incoherency in the story as I’m not proofing this.

Now on to the birth story before I have another feed/diaper change!

As I mentioned, when I posted my Saturday 8/3 entry wondering if in fact I was in labor, I WAS in fact, going into labor. Hubs and I had a big disagreement the night before about induction. He had been hearing horror stories about infants dying of meconium aspiration by going post date, and was getting more and more nervous about the fact that I was 41 weeks, 6 days along. The plan had originally been to wait until the following Thursday or Friday to induce, but he wanted her out sooner. I disagreed, and told him that we just had a perfect NST scan the day before and that I trusted my body. In the end, we compromised that I would be induced on Wednesday the 7th, and went to bed.


I woke up at 6AM the next morning with some serious bloody show, but contractions that were maybe 15-20 minutes apart. They weren’t really painful or anything, and I could basically ignore them. Hubs and I did our typical weekend walk to Starbucks, and I noticed when we got to Starbucks that I was feeling some light cramping/tightening in my stomach maybe every 7-8 minutes. Again. Nothing I couldn’t manage, and I sort of brushed them off (half hoping that I was, in fact actually going into labor, but rolling my eyes that this could ACTUALLY be happening). I decided that even if I was going into labor, it would be at least 24 hours of cramping and contractions before the real thing hit, so I decided to bake a blueberry bundt cake to take my mind off of everything (random, I know!). I believe this was around 11AM.

Half way through cooking the now infamous Labor Bundt Cake, my contractions started to pick up. I was clocking them at lasting 45 seconds coming around every 4-5 minutes. I would have to pause, close my eyes, and breathe through them. However, everything I’ve been told was that REAL contractions last 60 seconds to 90 seconds, so again, I brushed it off. Although I did tell Hubs, “I think this might be it?”

Then shit hit the fan.

My bundt cake was ready about 12PM, and thank God I remembered it was still in the oven. By this time, the contractions had intensified. Although they were still only 4-5 minutes apart. I really REALLY had to concentrate through them, and this is when things start to get a little, “fuzzy” shall we say. I remember Hubs asking if we should call the doula. I told him “No, I don’t want to be one of *those girls* who calls the doula like 20 hours too soon. I’m probably only a couple of centimeters dilated.” I moaned through another contraction and paced around the bedroom.

Hubs: “Are you sure? I think you’re in serious shit right now.”

Me: “NO. I don’t want to call her!” I went into the bathtub, and had a few of the worst contractions ever. I got into bed and lay on my side, and something must have snapped because I jolted up in pain and demanded that Hubs get off of Words with Friends and HELP ME THE FUCK OUT. He helpd me through every contraction, reminding me to keep my eyes open and focus on something.  At this time, the contractions were spilling on top of each other (at least that’s what it felt like…) They were probably coming every two minutes.

Somehow, I texted doula. She didn’t seem that concerned, and asked me how firm my uterus was when I was contracting (nose, chin, or forhead.)


She calmly replied to the text that she would be happy to come by to check my  cervix, and that I was most likely 2-3 cm dilated.

This was the last I texted her because the pain was getting unbearable. I left all communication with her to Hubs.  I vaguely remember hearing Hubs talking to her on the phone, and saying that she was on her way, she was just finishing up an errand.. I was writhing in the bathtub at this time, sweating, cursing. I still remember feeling like I was probably making mountains out of molehills.

I think it was around 4PM when doula finally got to the house. She came into the bathroom I was writhing in the bathtub, trying to get the pain more manageable with a hot washcloth on my back, kneading it through each contraction. She assured me this was all normal, and it was most likely early labor. It’s interesting to think back on it now–for whatever reason, I felt like going through the contractions alone in the tub without Hubs there, or anyone really touching me. I don’t exactly know why, but it wasn’t part of how I originally saw my birth, or how I anticipated the “Plan” to go…but nothing really goes as planned in birth, does it? I also never wanted to listen to music of any kind–I had totally thought I’d want to have a whole birth soundtrack or something, but in reality, I really liked hearing everything going on around me, and didn’t want to be distracted by music.

As soon as I could muster the strength to get out of the tub, I attempted to walk to the bed to get checked by Doula. Now the pain was getting more and more intense. I was sweating profusely, and things felt so much more surreal. The doula pushed my hips together during one contraction which felt SO GOOD. I highly recommend this technique as it got me through some SERIOUS pain. Kudos to Doula for knowing how to do that! She did the hip push thing through every contraction while I hung on to Hubs’ neck for dear life. As soon as one contraction ended, another one seemed to begin a couple of minutes later. I remember her inserting a couple of fingers in me, and experiencing the pain of another contraction when she was feeling around. My eyes had been closed the entire time, trying to manage the pain in an internal way. My eyes opened just at the moment I saw Doula’s eyes go wide after checking me. I saw her mouth quietly to my husband, “We need to go…now.”

This is when I kind of figured that I wasn’t 2-3cm dilated.

To be continued!


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  1. aghh! so suspenseful! this sounds amazing. the infamous labor bundt cake should be a baby birthday regular. like a second cake in addition to the standard birthday variety to commemorate your labor day. 🙂

  2. Ahhh! So exciting, can’t wait to hear more!! Doulas here aren’t allowed to do cervical checks – damn I wish they could!! Would have saved me some time in hospital!
    Also, I decided to make a cake too to keep my mind off contractions, I got out half the ingredients and my water broke :). Something in those cakes! Remember it next child sometime before 42 weeks!

    • Well…doulas aren’t “technically” allowed to check, but she did it off the record. She’s also studying to be a certified midwife, so I’m sure that didn’t hurt either. Love that we both made cakes!

  3. Ahhhh! Change a diaper, do a feed and post part two!

  4. Great start to the story! I love how you were in such denial – I was, too! – I think our brains can’t handle that it’s ACTUALLY happening. good for you for laboring at home and naturally for so long. I can’t believe you were that overdue – you made such a cozy home for shira 🙂

  5. Ack, I’m so jealous that you’re labor went so quick! Can’t wait for the rest of your story and THAT is why you hire a doula, to push your hips together!!!! They know shit your husband just does NOT =)

  6. nonsequiturchica

    Can’t wait for the next part of your story!! I can’t believe that you actually baked while going through contractions! 🙂


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