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First up: Thanks to Belle for the adorable fashion inspiration! I gots Shira some pretty bows!

Pensive Shira is contemplating her new look:


Giddy Shira is happy her mommy dressed her in something other than a diaper.


It’s been so hot around here, and our house is poorly cooled, so for the most part, Shira has been living nearly nude. This was all well and good until I went to dress her in some actual clothes and realized she had completely outgrown her newborn clothes in a matter of 3 weeks!! She’s in 3 month sizes now, and continues to amaze me at how long she is growing every day. The pediatrician had to re-measure her last week because they thought there was an error in their measurements. She grew 2 inches in 2 weeks, and is now 8 pounds 10 ounces and nearly 22 inches long. WOWEE!

I’ve been MIA this week and last because there are so many family members visiting. My MIL stayed with us for a week last week and is still in LA this week. I must admit I was a bit apprehensive about having her stay at our place when Shira was only 2 weeks old. I had this idea in my head that Hubs and I were going to spend the first few weeks of Shira’s life quietly bonding, cooing, and magically waking every 3 hours to have “dream feeds” and the like. I was worried that having another family member in the house helping out would destroy this magic bond.


Excuse me while I eat my words bite by painful bite.

Ok. So, my MIL is a bit pushy at times…. And she tells me how to clean my house and fold my laundry…. And she annoys my husband by requesting that he take the trash out in his own home.,,BUT. I have to admit she was a lifesaver when it came to educating our clueless asses about the proper care and feeding of Shira. Turns out my Type A monitoring of how much formula she was getting was not meeting Shira’s hunger needs which is why she was so fussy some days early on. I had this app called Baby ESP that I was using, and although it’s helpful to figure out how many ounces you’re feeding and when, I have since abandoned it and have been MUCH happier. Once my MIL started teaching me how to feed on demand by treating the bottle like the breast, we have been a much happier home. Shira is a delight and SO CHILL (most of the time). She eats pretty constantly throughout the day, little bits here and there, or sometimes if she’s really hungry, she’ll guzzle down 2-2.5 ounces. All she needed was a bit more food on a steady drip, and she spends most of the day cooing and sleeps like a log (unless she has gas, in which case, she screams at me and burps loudly and farts and shits). She has a very fussy hour or two around 6-8, but last night she went down at 7:30PM, and didn’t get up until…2:30AM. Hubs and I actually had to wake her up because we started to get worried. I changed her, fed her, and she was down again until 5AM, ate, and went back to sleep until 8AM. CRAZY! Of course, now that she is sleeping longer stretches at night, she is up more during the day. I’m still trying to perfect her bottle feeding method as there are times when I will be feeding her and she will sort of choke on the milk and paw and scream at me like I’m torturing her. My MIL does not have this problem when feeding her, nor does Hubs, so it’s been taking a whack at my self esteem lately. I know, I know…she’s a baby…she can’t feel “hate”….but having her scream and claw her nails into my chest during a feeding feels awful!
Shira will be one month old on Saturday, and I’ve been thinking lately about the steep learning curve we’ve all gone through in this house in the span of a month:

  • Newborns cure you of insomnia. Seriously. I went from sporadic sleep at best to craving every little last bit of shut I I can get. There was a point a couple of days ago where I did the once “unthinkable” thing of letting Shira sleep for two hours on my chest just so I could fall asleep at 5AM. Before she was born I somehow thought that the fact that I already had insomnia would make the night feedings easy breezy. I was SO WRONG.
  • Doggy pee pads are amazing on the changing table. I change Shira on them all of the time and it has saved us multiple poo and pee stains on the changing pad!
  • I probably don’t sterilize my bottles or breast pump as much as I should (I pump about 10 times per day, and it’s simply impossible to do a deep clean every time and still have time to have a life), and I’ve certainly fed Shira formula that has sat out for more than an hour. I accidentally fed her 6 hour formula at 2AM because the bottle was sitting mext to the bottle of breast milk and I was so tired I didn’t look at which one I fed her. I panicked, but Shira appears to be OK.
  • If it means that she will be going to sleep soon if I keep her in the EXACT position she’s in, spit up, shit, and piss all over me is worth the sacrifice and will not bother me.
  • To that note, the couch that I had lovingly kept stain free for almost 10 years has now been spit up on 15 times.
  • Pumping is no joke. I feel at times like I am a human cow, good only for providing Shira with milk. I feel especially down when she has spent the greater part of an afternoon screaming bloody murder at me and the bottle of breast milk I lovingly pumped for her at 3:30AM. My supply barely keeps up with her, and we probably have to supplement 2-3 feeds per day with formula. But I’m doing my best, damnit…and that’s about all I can do.
  • Despite all of the above, Shira is still really yummy when she wakes up and looks at me with those adorable doe eyes.

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  1. Tip to make your life easier: you don’t have to wash pump parts every time! Just throw them in a bag in the fridge between pumping sessions and wash once or twice a day. Even 24 hours is totally ok. You’re welcome 😉

    Glad things are going well! Enjoy that newborn sleep. My babies slept better from 1-4 mos than any other time in the first year, which is apparently super common but nobody talks about this. She is so cute- love the smile!!

  2. Shira is adorable 🙂

    Ugh pumping. And the screaming during the bottle. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

    Pump as much as you want to but don’t feel the pressure to fill all of her bottles with your milk. Your milk is great, and it is wonderful that you are able to provide so much for her. But a pump does not mimic the hunger of a baby, so it is challenging to increase your supply to meet her demand and you will have to increase your pumping in order to do it (not the length of time you pump, how frequently you pump). My lactation consultant talked about pumping weekends where you pump every hour for 10 minutes for like 8-10 hours for a day or two (plus spending as much time naked skin-to-skin constantly with the baby as possible for two whole days), which is a lot a lot of work on top of everything. So do what is possible but know that no matter what you are amazing.

    The tip about not washing the parts every time – SO SMART! WOW! I wish I had known that……!

    • Every hour for 10 minutes??!!! My boobs would definitely hate me for that, but I can totally see how that would help with supply. I wish I pumped more every time, but I only squeeze about 3 ounces out of both boobs which is enough for 1.5 feedings, usually.

  3. Honestly I just rinse my parts in hot water between uses and wash every couple days. Though I do not pump as often.

    She is adorable!

  4. so freakin’ adorable.


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