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11 Week updates

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Like many new parents before me…I have been slacking on the blog post. I always thought that I would be able to keep up with blogging and raising a newborn, but I must say, I’m doing a terrible job as a blogger. I’m pretty ok as a Mom, but this blogging business has taken a sideline.

Shira is napping now so I thought I would squeeze in 10 minutes to give some updates on being the parent of an 11 week old.

It has gotten easier…as much as I fought that advice and thought people were crazy when they said it, this week has been a turning point for us. I’m finally feeling comfortable and in control with my little girl. The first 4 weeks I was careening in an abyss of sleepless nights and painful pumping sessions. The second 4 weeks I was still barely clinging on–Shira went through an extremely fussy 3 weeks, and it’s so so hard when you feel like your baby is in discomfort and you will try anything to soothe her and nothing is working. These last 4 weeks have been much MUCH better. No more crying after feeds! Sleeping 6 hour stretches from 7PM to1 or 2AM most nights! She has relaxed and come into her own. She’s even starting to look like a little person!

At 11 weeks, she:

  • Has found her hands. She eats them as a tasty snack
  •  is a star at tummy time and even rolls from tummy to back with no crying!
  •  gives me and Hubs the most darling ear to ear grins in the morning that it’s hard to be pissed she wakes up at 5AM
  •  grabs on to my shoulder and buries her face in my chest which is yummy.
  •  seems to know the song “Wheels on the Bus” because she gets excited every time I sing it.
  • Babbles and babbles and babbles. This kid will talk early. I find it hilarious when my husband actually tries to teach her how to say words at this age and she’ll just stare blankly at him, but hey–it’s worth a shot!
  • Is a good eater. Hot milk, cold milk, boob milk, formula–this girl either can’t taste the difference or just doesn’t care.
  • Has HUGE cheeks. We’re nicknaming her the Godfather.

It is hitting me slowly but surely that I will be heading back to work in two weeks, and that I will miss my little girl terribly. I’m getting nervous that she goes to be so early (6:30 most nights) and how we will keep her up later so I can actually see her when I get home…any working mommies have any advice?

And, of course, I leave with a pic!


Status Quo-ish

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I’m still digging myself out of a hole of baby screaming, but I wanted to give some updates.

First up, THANK YOU to everyone who chimed in on my post about Shira’s fussiness. I really REALLY appreciate it. We have been having our good days and our difficult days still, but every comment was like a God send, helping me feel less alone.

On good days, Shira coos and giggles and smiles on her changing table and tries to roll over. She gets excited to see her daddy. She babbles. She rarely cries, and calmly goes from feeding to sleeping. On her difficult days (I’m trying not to label them “bad”–just difficult.,,,) Shira will still smile and coo, but her moods go from zero to sixty in any direction. She could be happily sucking away and burped and changed, and all of a sudden, she absolutely DOES NOT want to be put down. Or I could put on her pants the “wrong way” and she begins to scream and cry louder than anything. Two days ago she went through a phase where she would not let me put her down without throwing a screaming fit. It took enormous effort to get her to nap, and everything was to the extreme. It may very well be my diet that’s doing this to her, but I honestly think this is just who she is. She has an intensity about her that burns in a positive and negative way.

One very big positive for us is that we switched bottles recently, and her feeds are 10 billion times calmer than they used to be. She is not guzzling milk down in 5 minutes or less, nothing dribbles, and she doesn’t choke on her food. The new bottles are the Playtex Ventaire–I would HIGHLY recommend them!! Another big positive is that she’s finally grown into the Ergo and will be worn! She refused to be put down two days ago, so this was really the only option I had to save my sanity. She fell asleep being worn, and I go to answer email and fold some laundry. A win!

Lastly on the “win” side, we have been working her up into napping in her crib. Two days ago during her mega crank fest, she refused to nap more than 20 minutes during the day, and we discovered that her swing in the living room is no longer going to work for napping. It’s too light in there, and she needs to be forced to sleep now. I have been monitoring the clock more than I ever have, and make sure that I am winding her down every 90 minutes or so in her dark bedroom. When she is good and sleepy, I swaddle her, and put her down. Yesterday she took a two hour nap in her crib!! Yippee!!!

Today was vaccination day, and she handled it like a champ. If anything, my daughter’s perpetual intense state makes her very strong when it comes to shots! They didn’t have a combo shot, so she got three separate shots, and although she cried, it lasted all of 20 seconds until she was back to cooing and smiling again. Honestly, I’ve seen her react more violently to a diaper change. The little dear has been sleeping most of the day since the shots, and I’m keeping an eye on her.

And finally, one dose of cuteness that was taken 10 seconds before she spit up all over the couch that I have kept in pristine condition for 10 years.


Seriously, how could you not just eat this face UP??!!!