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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Too many weeks to count

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I’ve lost count of how many weeks my little girl is. There I said it. Worst mommy ever. She’s growing up so so so so fast, it’s ridiculous, and between work and trying to find some semblance of personal life with my husband, everything just feels mushy.

I have to say, though…it just keeps getting better. She is so bright, funny, and SMART–holy crap is this kid smart. Nothing gets by her. She has squawks and cries when she’s pissed off, and seems to understand me now when I tell her to have patience–the bottle is coming.

She is currently not even 5 months old yet, and is 28″ long. That’s like the bajillionth percentile for height, or something. She is wearing 9 month clothes, and doesn’t fit into any of her swaddles anymore except for the Merlin Magic Sleepsuit which we are clinging to for dear life.

I wish I had more time to blog sometimes…I have so much brewing inside, and so much I want to say…there are so many milestones I witness every day. She is almost crawling. She’s rolling over like a champ. She’s gurgling and gooing. She is obsessed with her LIttle Einstein’s jumperoo now and send herself flying. My little girl has and always will be intensely active. I love this about her, and fantasize that she will be a rocket scientist and a gymnast.

She is a quick study. On a whim a couple of days ago, I started covering her face with a blanket and saying, “Where’s Shira?”. To my utter shock, she started playing it ON HER OWN! She now pulls blankets over her face and pulls them away to play peek a boo. I can’t remember the last time I was so proud!!!