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My ovaries are playing hard to get. They don’t do things they’re supposed to do–like ovulate. I’m in a dysfunctional relationship with them right now, but I’m hoping we can work things through so that we can have a family together. Wouldn’t that be awesome.

Should you like to email, I’m at: ceaseanddecystblog at gmail dot com!

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  1. Hey Sunny! I LOVE your blog and you have inspired me to write my own…at least as an outlet to deal with my ttc frustration and whatnot. I just wanted to share it with you! Beware…I refer to your site, kinda, cuz I love it so much!

    Thanks for being an inspiration!

  2. great blog! and i can totally relate to the dysfunctional relationship with your ovaries. 😉 good luck with the natural route. clomid is evil!! 😉

  3. Your ovaries and mine could be bffs. 😉

  4. Love the blog! I have pretty craptastic ovaries too! I’ll be following now!


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