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Spearmint Tea and Chin Hair Count

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So, I realized that I forgot to update everyone on Sunday about my weekly chin hair count. I’m sorry! I know you had been losing sleep over that.

It was 15.

15 glorious hairs pulled from my chin/jaw line area last week due to high androgen levels in my body.


As Al Gore would say, you can find anything on his internet these days, so I’ve been researching some holistic approaches to decreasing androgen levels. Spearmint Tea has somehow topped the list of antiandrogenic elixirs, so I thought I would give it a go.

I’ve been drinking two cups a day for the last 4 days. This Sunday, I will divulge the results of my highly non scientific chin hair count test. Less chin hair may mean that my body is producing less androgens due to the minty goodness of the spearmint tea. I’m sure I may have to give it a couple of months to really see results, but you never know. I’d love it to drag out and take a really long time for my chin hair problem to correct itself because plucking chin hairs is sexy and fun.