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Cost of Treatment

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I’ve been so caught up lately in the acronyms of fertility (BBT, FET, TTC, I’m talking to you) that I have forgotten that some of these acronyms cost money. A lot of money. Before I become a “stripper with a heart of gold” in order to pay for this, I thought I’d reach out to my fellow blog peeps and see if you’ve all managed to avoid the pole.

I know money is a personal thing, and please under no means feel like you have to comment on this, but I’m extremely curious how much fertility treatments go for. I have looked into a few things, and I’m finding the costs to be absolutely terrifying. What I’m also finding is that there isn’t a whole lot published about how much fertility treatments cost. It’s not like I can go onto a fertility doc’s website and price shop. Or Doc X gives a free IUI with every two IVFs. Nope.

As a recently married gal, I’m finding weddings and fertility treatments eerily similar. Put “WEDDING” in front of anything (hair, makeup, dress), and people think it’s okay to charge you 10 times the price. Put “FERTILITY” in front of anything (treatment, drugs, acupuncture, retreat), and I’m looking at the same damn thing.

I have an awesome health care plan that covers $0 for fertility treatments of any kind. Who needs SCFFF when I can bleed money? If I so much as look at a trigger shot, I’m out $$–but how much? I’ve made a list of treatments and the price variations I’ve been able to find by calling around. Most of these spots are blank because I have no freaking clue how much they run (haven’t gone down the road…yet). If anyone reading could post in the comment thread what their various treatments would have cost without insurance (assuming you have this information, and are comfortable sharing), and what state they’re from, I will add it to this post. Or email me anonymously if you’re more comfortable. I will keep this post readily available on my side tab so others can click on it and add to it over the course of this blog. My goal is to get a running list of the prices we’re all paying for treatments so that we are all in-the-know. This may give us more wiggle room to barter with clinics, although maybe I’m just being naive. The categories left blank are ones I don’t know. If you see any ones I’ve left off, please feel free to comment and I will add to the list!

In No Particular Order:

1. Clomid (per month): approx $20 (MA)

2. Ultrasound monitoring plus blood work: $750 (MA)

3. Fertility Doctor: initial consultation: free(CA), $350(CA), $450(CA), $450 (MA)

4. IUI: Natural: $1500 (CA), $1500 (MA), Monitored: $3,000(CA), $3,000 (MA)

5. Femara

6. Trigger Shots: $100 (MA),

7. IVF:

8. Ovarian drilling (this treatment may not be technically considered “fertility”–I’ll have to look into this)

9. FET

10. Acupuncture (per treatment, no insurance): $40(CA), $95(CA), $80 (MA)

11. Chinese Medicine: $100/week for herbs (CA), Approx $50/month(MA)

11. Sperm Analysis: $300-$500 (MA)