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Green Powder Drink of Terror

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I am faced with starting Phase 1.4 of my new diet plan. I’m not going full on into the diet until I return from NYC and Boston, but I need to start taking the recommended vitamins to get my body all jazzed for the craziness that’s to come. Phase 1 was cutting out dairy, which I am on Day 2 of (it sucks, not gonna lie). Phase 1.4 is adding in my vitamins and TAKING THEM REGULARLY (I’m shouting this so that my brain understands the importance of this step).

Part of the reason I have been procrastinating the vitamin phase of this plan is because of a little drink I call the Green Powder Drink of Terror.

Notice the bottom of the tub says, “Look What’s Inside!” like it’s some sort of treasure trove of goodies…”What’s Inside” is a dark green powdered substance that smells like ASS.

Because my digestive system has been all sorts of IBS out of whack, Intuitive Health Lady recommends that I take all vitamins in liquid form so that I will absorb the nutrients better. This includes a scoop of the super charged green vegetable powder that I need to put in a glass of water and chug.

I also have “raisin juice” flavored vitamin B, a liquid multivitamin, and liquid iron supplement (as it turns out from going over my blood work, I am borderline anemic–hence the iron supplement. My thyroid doc who did my blood work a couple of weeks ago failed to notify me of this, but Intuitive Health Lady caught the results right away when I showed her my blood test results. My red blood cell count is 3.89. Anemic is anything under 3.8…moral of the story is: just because your results are in “normal range” doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem!)

But I digress.

Back to the Green Powder Drink of Terror. I am very concerned that it is going to taste disgusting. I just made it. It looks thick and mealy.

As you can see, I have just posted my before picture of the powder in the glass of water, but I have not been able to post my “after” pic yet, because I haven’t drank the drink yet! In the spirit of “live blogging”, I will post the “after” pic within seconds of my drinking it.

Ready, set….DRINK

Ok. First off. GAG. I literally just gagged twice over the sink drinking this. Almost puked. It was so bad that half way through I needed to add a bit of Pom Pomegranate juice which made it a bit more palatable…it’s hard to describe exactly how it tastes…like salty watered down vegetables and peat moss?

Second off: I’m proud I did this. How the hell I’m going to do this day in and day out is somewhat beyond me…but I hit the first milestone!

I’m making the Green Powder Drink of Terror my bitch.