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No more blood updates!**

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Last night as hubs and I were cursing at the TV in pools of our own sweat (yes, I did Day #1 of Insanity Week, thankyouverymuch!), I began to get pretty bad cramps. My brown spotting turned into dark purplish gross semi-flow, and I wondered if I should still keep popping these progesterone pills for another 4 days.

Then, in the midst of my moving pushups and plyometric knee jumps from hell, an angelic voice rose from the negative OCD brain of mine:

Fuck it. Take your fucking pills, and quit worrying.

Easy as pie.

So, for the next 4 days, you will not hear another word about brown, purple, or even red blood. I know you’re disappointed that you won’t be getting daily updates on the consistency of my vaginal fluids, and trust me: the over sharer in me reeealllly wants to give you the updates, BUT I’m taking my fucking pills, and I’m not worrying. I can’t put my brain through another 4 days of Google searches about “dark purple blood and progesterone”. Unless my uterus falls out. Then I’ll post about that.

** I reserve the right to completely negate this entry and begin obsessing again at any time.