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CD20–Am I really typing “20”??

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I’m so used to typing CD 286, or CD 79 that I am still walking around with my jaw on the floor in disbelief that I actually ovulated. One year. One entire damn year I’ve waited to ovulate, and man, am I enjoying it. It feels kind of like that first hot shower you take after a week of camping with no soap, toilet paper, or toothbrush. 100mg of Clomid, I doubted you, but you pulled through, son, you pulled through.

This is my first 2ww EVER. I am meeting it with a sense of excitement, possibilities, and also the fear of let down, which, let’s face it…ugh. I can’t go there right now. I have to keep positive. 4DPO, and all is well.

I get giddy every time I think about ovulating. Hubs gets super giddy, too. Last night, he did a weirdly cute bow towards my uterus, and put his hands on my stomach. Somewhere in my body, there is a teeny tiny egg floating around which may or may not be fertilized at this point. My temps are still up nice and high, thus reinforcing the fact that yes, I did ovulate. Me. I ovulated. I STILL can’t quite wrap my brain around that.

I have been trying to see if I feel any early symptoms. I’m always tired (like, sleep-in-my-car-during-lunch-hour-because-I-can’t-keep-my-damn-eyes-open sometimes tired), so I don’t know if that would be a true test of anything. If anything, I’ve had more energy and less sleep the past few days. Boobs aren’t sore at all, and I don’t have to pee frequently. Only thing I have felt a lot today is the chills (no idea why, probably hormonal), and I have two canker sores on the inside of my mouth which is very rare for me. I have read that those can be caused premenstrualy.

We’ll see what the next few days brings. I assume 7DPO is too soon to test, which means I will be off to France and then won’t test until I get back home at 14DPO. Drats!  I can’t bring myself to test in France without being close to Hubs. Hubs said it would be all right if I did…I just feel weird about it. If I haven’t gotten my period by the time I leave France, there will be some SERIOUS cray cray on this blog, my friends. In a good way.