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Endocrinologist Day Is Here!

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Today is my first consultation with Dr. Good Eggs. Although my first appointment was scheduled for October 3, he had a miracle appointment open up this week and I snagged it like a crazy woman at 3AM on a Black Friday wedding dress sale.

The doctor has all of my files to date, and I received no less than 3 calls and one letter confirming that I am keeping my appointment today. Clearly this guy is in crazy demand–liquid gold for the ovaries, me hopes!

Although he is not a reproductive endocrinologist specifically, he does specialize in PCOS related hormonal disorders. I’m hoping that he can decipher some of my blood work done to date, order some new tests, and give me some hope that pinpoints the root cause of my severe PCOS.

Questions I am going to ask him:

1. Looking at my ultrasounds and the fact that my ovaries are covered in cysts, how will that effect ovulation moving forward. Will my cysts block future ovulation?

2. Most of my results are in the borderline “normal” range–this means they are often one or two points off from being too high or too low (my A1c test that measures my blood glucose levels over 3 months is one point away from being too high). My question is: is a borderline “normal” number the same as a low high number? My thyroid, Vitamin D, and DHEA numbers are also borderline.

3. Has he seen women with this severity of PCOS get pregnant with Clomid or other fertility injectables, or is it generally through IVF. What has been the most effective form of treatment that he has seen for infertility in people with similar cases to mine.

4. Does his course of examination/ treatment of thin women with PCOS differ from obese women? How so?

5. Has he noticed a correlation between frequent yeast infections and PCOS? If so, why is that?

6. Are FSH levels that are not taken on Day 3 still accurate? Meaning, do they accurately reflect my fertility? I have been concerned because my FSH levels have gone steadily upward over the last 2 years, but none of my FSH levels were ever drawn on Day 3.

7. Why did I have one ovulatory cycle after birth control? What did the hormone in the pill do to trigger my natural ovulation the month after I was off the pill?

8. My estrogen levels were very low after 4 months of not ovulating, and my uterine lining was basically non existant. What does this indicate? Has my body stopped producing natural estrogen? Are signals crossed? Are the receptors on my cells blocked by pill hormones? Will estrogen pills help build my lining? Would he recommend estrogen supplements if I were to go on Clomid?

9. Would it be wise to do a scan of my pituitary gland to see if there is a tumor?

10. What about my thyroid? My numbers there are borderline. Could there be an issue?

11. Does he have an RE he trusts to refer me to?

12. What are the blood tests he finds the most imformative when dealing with PCOS. Is there any that I am missing?

I feel like I’m forgetting about 10 billion questions, but I think this is a good start for Good Eggs. Any other glaring questions I’m missing?