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Inbred ovaries

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Just back from the gyno for my CD12 ultrasound.

Uterine lining: 5mm. In other words, completely uninhabitable at the moment.  It’s better than the 3mm I had last year around this time. And yet, it is still shit. Gyno says it may plump up some more over this week, but it should be around 8mm at least for implantation, and it’s not there yet.

Ovaries: Righty has exactly zero follicles a-brewing. Way to GO Righty! You’re awesome. Go huff some more paint thinner. Lefty (where I was feeling twinges a couple of days ago) has a 7mm “dominant” follicle which is sort of like saying that this dude is ripped:

Lefty also has a bunch of withered ovarian cysts which are about 2mm in diameter (they’re 7mm follicle’s brother cousins).  My gyno sort of stuttered to explain to me that my follicle needs to grow another 10mm before I’m anywhere close to ready to ovulate. His confidence in this cycle was about as underwhelming and pained as the time I lost my virginity. I wish he had been a but more positive about it all, but seeing him stammer some wishy washy “maybe you’ll ovulate” response to try and keep me from getting upset just made things worse.

Back in 1763 when I used to ovulate, it would usually be around CD 18 or so, so I know that things may very well grow and mature this week…but one follicle at 7mm…well…it was disappointing. Really fucking disappointing. I just wanted a vote of confidence on that stupid ultrasound machine. A “hey, Sunny! Wouldja look at that! Things are lookin up for us, kid!” Instead, I got to pay a visit to my two inbred ovaries. Hubs says to keep positive, and that maybe my follicle isn’t done growing yet…I’m so new to this game that I have no idea if there is anything to be optimistic about. I will continue to temp, and monitor stuff but if nothing happens in a week or so, I’m declaring this cycle a bust.

On the positive side (I guess?) Dr. Good Eggs, the endocrinologist called me and let me know that my glucose tolerance test came back completely normal. So, it’s great I don’t have diabetes or insulin resistance, and not so great that I have NO FUCKING CLUE why I’m not ovulating now. He says to keep taking the Metformin, which I will do, but again: FRUSTRATING.

Wishing everyone a happy, 18-22mm weekend.

Because my vagina loves to fuck with me (pun intended), a glob of the biggest, ooiest, gooiest booger-like EWCM I have ever seen just exited my vag after my bath. Had I not seen my puny follicle on the screen, I would have thought it was a good sign. Now I’m just annoyed. Someone explain to me why the *f* EWCM exists if there is no way that I am in a fertile window right now.