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Maca: Nature’s Speed

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I have been struggling with some of the worst insomnia EVER the last few nights. It’s as if my brain and body are on a speed ball (not like I’ve ever been on a speed ball, but I’ve seen Intervention, ok?) Anyhow. As I explored the wonders of the internet at 3AM this morning, it suddenly occurred to me that for the past 4 or 5 days, I’ve been adding Maca powder to my daily Green Vibrance Drink from Hell. It’s supposed to be a hormone regulator. It suddenly occurred to me as I clenched my jaw and gnawed on a ring pop while listening to Trance and flinging around glow sticks in my kitchen at 3AM this morning to Google:

“Maca and insomnia”.


So, looks like I’ll be decreasing my dose if I ever want to sleep again.