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Twofer at the gyno!

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Today I got a pleasant surprise for an infertile anovulator who constantly seeks vaginal health opinions and attention: A last minute appointment at the gyno! Not only was I able to get my annual PAP smear taken care of lickety split, I also got a fresh pack of BCPs to kick off Operation Screw It, These Ovaries Are Getting Medicated. A twofer one if you ask me!

The plan is to go on the BCPs for a month starting tomorrow, and then kick off my artificially induced hormonal “period” with some Clomid CD 3-7. I have not gotten an HSG test yet, but my gyn said that unless I have had a history of PID or chlamydia, he would recommend I wait a couple of cycles to see how I respond to Clomid. Insurance doesn’t cover my HSG unless I have a history of endo.

Stand back, ovaries. I have a prescription for 50mgs of Clomid in my hand right now, and I’m not afraid to use it.

All in all, aside from needing meds to do what most women can do in a few months of drunk horney boinking, today felt like a good day for fertility overall. It feels nice to finally feel like I’m going to be jump starting something. I don’t know what it is exactly…but at least it’s something.