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Cup Half Full

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Well…probably not *technically* half full, but many many millions¬† of Hubs’ swimmers are now floating in a plastic cup in an office somewhere, off to get the one, two checkeroo. I’m trying to be an optimist about this. Results will be great. No problems (please God).

Hubs called me as soon as he dropped the boys (and girls) off at daycare, to give me the rated PG-13 play by play. From what I can tell, this jack-off room they have guys go into to do their business is no walk in the park. He said it was very clinical, and there were about 5 obviously used Penthouse magazines in there. He said there was a TV/DVD player with headphones, but no DVDs! Cheap!

The whole idea of ejaculating into a cup in an office building seems really strange to me, and it makes me proud that Hubs took this awkward and slightly creepy step for us to make sure that we’re doing all we can to ensure that we’re covering our bases in the fertility realm.

I’m trying to figure out why I am so worried that the results will not turn out good…I hate this about myself. I want to be positive. CUP HALF FULL. I will keep repeating this over and over to myself until we get the results.