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June 2010–Official PCOS diagnosis, although I’ve had irregular periods since I started menstruating at 13. Doctor recommends birth control to regulate my cycles, and so I go on Yasmin.

May 2011– Hubs and I tie the knot after 7 years of “just friends” and one year of “more than friends”.

August 2011– Hubs and I decide to procreate. Goodbye Yasmin, hello….anovulation.

August 2011-August 2012: Had one ovulatory cycle right after the pill (BFN), and then…nothing. No ovulation for one year. Acupuncture, herbs, and dietary restrictions make very little difference, and I cry a lot.

August 2012–OB prescribes 50mg of Clomid. It does nothing.

September 2012–First appointment with RE, and 100mg of Clomid. I freaking OVULATE on CD 16! BFN.

October 2012–HSG and endometrial biopsy. Pipes are clear, and uterus is not cancerous. Huzzah!

October/November 2012–second round of Clomid 100mg, I ovulate on CD 19…

November 12,2012: 15DPO–BFP!!!!

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