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ICLW #3–Welcome!

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G’day peeps! If this is your first time here through ICLW, welcome! If it isn’t your first time here, thank you for being enticed enough by my polycystic ramblings to come back for second helpings. You should try the hard boiled ovaries. They’re delightful.

I recently did a 100th entry post that pretty much sums up my journey over the last 6 or 7 months of TTC. Click here to read oodles and oodles about my nether regions and kooky health plan over the last couple of months which eventually led me to (spoiler alert) get a period.

The short story is, I have PCOS. I’ve had irregular periods since I started having periods, although I was never formally diagnosed until I was 30 (I’m almost 32 now).I went off BCP in August of 2011 so Hubs and I could start TTC. For 7 loooooong months, I didn’t get a period. As a last ditch effort before starting Clomid, in March I went to see a Chinese medicine/nutritionist/acupuncturist who I have labeled Intuitive Health Lady. Within 4 weeks of starting acupuncture, and a FREAKING INSANE diet in which I eliminated all foods that brought me joy, I JUST got a period last week. Crazy.

So, now I’m holding off on the Clomid for another month to see if I can keep the period trend up au natural. I’m on the last 3 days of my 28 day Elimination Diet, and am also debating whether or not I should continue with the diet since it seemed to have jolted my system back into cycling again. Goal is to get my ovaries popping eggs like a Pez dispenser, and my system cycling like a Lance Armstrong.

Happy ICLW! I look forward to checking out your blogs this week.



ICLW #2–Welcome!

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Heya all you ICLW-ers. Can’t believe it’s that time of the month again. And no, silly…I don’t mean THAT time of the month. It’s not like I ever get my period these days. It’s time for ICLW! Time for fun, frolic, and fertiliy related frivolity!

For those of you new to the site, I don’t ovulate much (or ever in the last 8 months.) This would be awesome if I was actively trying to avoid pregnancy, but since I’m TTC, it’s, how do you say, shitty?  My timeline goes something like this:

1. Formally diagnosed PCOS in July 2010, although I’ve always had irregular periods.

2. Get on on the pill for a year to “regulate” my cycles.

3. Get off the pill in Aug of 2011 in hopes of TTC with Hubs.

4. Get one “normal” period in Sept of 2011

5. Never ovulate again.

In the span of 8 months, my emotions have run the gamut between hopeful and really effing pissed. Even with PCOS, I have never gone this long without a period, and I believe that BCP may have messed royally with my system, but I can’t quite be sure. I have a doctor who is more than ready to prescribe me Clomid (just as he was more than ready to prescribe me birth control), but I am working with an acupuncturist/nutritionist (whom I have named Intuitive Health Lady) on trying to get my system detoxed and healthified before I start trying to force an egg out of my crusty ovary. I will most likely be starting Round 1 of Clomid in May.

I’m traveling right now with Hubs in Boston, staying with his mom. We’re sleeping in his childhood bedroom about 2 feet from his mother’s room (HAWT!)  in a twin bed with another twin mattress that pulls out from under the bed, so I have nicknamed us Ricky and Lucy for the time being. There is a 99.9% chance that no children will be attempted to be conceived in this room for the next week. The .1% chance depends on how much wine I drink at dinner tonight.

Happy ICLW! Looking forward to meeting all of you.